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    London Fashion Week: Day 3

    At 9am on Sunday morning, Preen woke up a slightly bleary fashion crowd with a dynamic mash-up of sporty stripes, nautical, By Carola Long

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    Developing world is vulnerable to rapid fixed income growth

    The rapid growth of emerging market funds, combined with “herd behaviour” by investors, threatens to be a source of Steve Johnson

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    IG Group launches share dealing platform

    IG Group, the online trading company, has launched its first share dealing platform aimed at hands-on investors in the stock By Adam Palin

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    Rural broadband group Gigaclear targets Aim

    A company going head-to-head with BT in bringing fibre broadband to rural Britain is set to go public with the backing of By Daniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

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    Britain’s biggest bookmakers to create gambling watchdog

    Britain’s biggest bookmakers are creating a self-regulatory body to impose tougher standards on the industry as they seek to By Robert Cookson

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    The diverse forces calling for separation are far from tribal

    Sir, Your editorial, “Scotland’s fateful choice” (September 11), claims that “the path of separation is a fool’s errand”. If

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    Call to devolve powers to English cities

    English cities – starting with Greater Manchester – must enjoy the same powers as Scotland and other devolved regions, By Andrew Bounds, North of England Correspondent

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    Confidence falls among Scotland’s small businesses

    Confidence among Scotland’s small businesses has fallen in the past three months, while it has soared to a record high in By Sarah Gordon, Europe business editor

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    It’s the debt stupid, not the currency

    Sir, In 1707 it took bribes (mainly paid to the Scottish nobility) to get them into the union and it now appears it will

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    A split spells stark danger for Europe

    Sir, My son, who is studying at Glasgow university, is considering how to vote in the Scottish referendum. My answer has

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