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    Let statisticians cry foul when politicians bend the truth

    Facts matter, and Britain is lucky to have a political system that knows it. Numbers frame our most important debates —Jonathan Portes

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    Will Syriza’s Tsipras turn out to be a Lula or a Chávez?

    A leftwing party sweeps to victory in Greece, filling European allies with unease. Its leader says Greeks face a choiceTony Barber

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    Indonesia’s long, bumpy road to democracy

    Last October Joko Widodo became president of Indonesia, completing a rise from small-time furniture salesman to leader ofReview by David Pilling

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    Draghi’s QE is an imperfect compromise for the eurozone

    It was a decent decision given the circumstances, and in one way it exceeded my expectations. Not that it was particularlyWolfgang Münchau

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    Boost to earnings from MBAs falls

    The MBA degree, once seen as the quickest route to a fat salary, no longer delivers quite the financial fillip it once did.Della Bradshaw and Laurent Ortmans

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    Populist Lungu wins tightly-fought Zambian presidency

    Edgar Lungu, leader of the ruling Patriotic Front party, was sworn in as president of Zambia on Sunday after he secured aBy Andrew England in Johannesburg

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    FT MBA Challenge: use your new skills to help immunise children

    Immunisation has protected millions of children in developing countries, but in recent years the International RescueCharlotte Clarke

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    Meet some of the FT’s MBA bloggers

    Welcome to Wharton Philippa Rock, The Wharton School, Oct 2014 My first quarter at Wharton has exceeded all

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    What would you change if you were dean for a day?

    “Make it mandatory for business school professors to have actual business/operating/start-up experience.” @shefaly “MakeCharlotte Clarke

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    How to apply for an MBA

    Applying to a top-ranking business school requires a lot of preparation — in some cases as much as two years — before aSimoney Kyriakou

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