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    Greek confusion, Saudi prince's giveaway, Mario Brothers beats

    If you didn't think the Greek crisis could get more confusing, think again. Alexis Tsipras appeared to hold out an oliveAmie Tsang

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    Macau casinos rally on China visa relaxation

    Shares in Macau’s casino companies jumped more than 10 per cent on Thursday in a rare relief rally after the semi-autonomousBen Bland in Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong share suspensions irk investors

    When Silchester first bought into the South China Morning Post, the fund manager was investing in a group once touted as theJennifer Hughes in Hong Kong

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    China eases margin lending rules to support flagging stock market

    China’s securities regulator has moved to curb downward pressure on the country’s tumbling stock market by relaxingGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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    Chinese stock market volatility shows little sign of abating

    Thursday 04:10 BST. A night of confusion about Greece agreeing a deal with its creditors failed to damp generally positivePeter Wells in Hong Kong

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    Explainer: Why are China’s stock markets so volatile?

    China is now home to the world’s largest equity markets after the US. Yet extreme volatility is still typical, withJosh Noble in Hong Kong

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    Pressure rises on India’s stock exchanges to list

    India’s government faces rising investor pressure to push forward with long-delayed plans to float the country’s two mainJames Crabtree in Mumbai

  5. 4 hours ago

    Investor relations is a great place to look for Neds

    Who will it be today? I subscribe to a daily bulletin of board appointments; as a professional watcher of femaleMrs Moneypenny

  6. 4 hours ago

    Most people decide to leave a job because of their manager

    My manager stresses me out so much that the doctor signed me off for a short period of sick leave. I have returned to workJanina Conboye

  7. 4 hours ago

    Workplace Haiku: being fired

    This week’s topic is “being fired”. Studies suggest that one of life’s most stressful experiences is job change and is allCarola Hoyos

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