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    Qatar nervous amid threat to 2022 World Cup

    When Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, people flooded into the streets to celebrate a moment that saw the tinySimeon Kerr in Dubai

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    UK recovery dogged by poor export performance

    Britain’s continuing struggle to boost exports dragged down overall growth in the UK economy in the first three months ofEmily Cadman

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    Puerto Rico limps towards debt default

    Puerto Rico has once again averted disaster, passing a tax increase that could salvage a funding deal with some of itsRobin Wigglesworth

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    Infinis chief remains upbeat over onshore wind growth in UK

    Onshore wind farms still have a strong future in the UK, despite the Conservative government’s plans to curb their growth,Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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    UK rural fuel price relief welcomed

    Rural petrol station owners and motoring organisations have welcomed the extension of a 5p-a-litre rebate on fuel pricesMichael Kavanagh

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    Tate & Lyle forecasts no earnings growth as sweetener market sours

    Tate & Lyle had little to help sweeten the pill on Thursday as it forecast no earnings growth during the year aheadBy Scheherazade Daneshkhu, Consumer Industries Editor

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    Q&A: Nigeria’s fuel shortage crisis

    As Nigeria’s president-elect Muhammdu Buhari prepares to take office at the end of this week, the country finds itselfWilliam Wallis and Maggie Fick in London

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    China’s stock market plunges more than 6%

    The Shanghai Composite has ended a seven-day winning streak with a bang, tumbling 6.5 per cent on Thursday in one of itsJosh Noble in Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong regulator confirms Hanergy probe

    Hong Kong’s securities watchdog has for the first time confirmed Hanergy is under investigation — hours after the troubledCharles Clover in Beijing

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    Venezuela adapts to life in a world of lower oil prices

    Venezuela appears to have quietly given up hope of persuading Opec peers to cut production to bolster the oil price, as theAnjli Raval in London and Andres Schipani in Bogotá

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