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    Hard facts to face about England’s health service

    Lord Lawson, former UK chancellor of the exchequer, called the National Health Service “the closest thing the English have

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    Bank of England sets out plans for failing lenders

    The Bank of England would fire a lender’s management over a weekend, impose losses on investors and freeze bond trading,Sam Fleming

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    When we make idols of men they cannot plead the law

    Should there be different rules for football players? Often it seems the narcissistic and hugely paid young men we turn intoRobert Shrimsley

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    Ascent of Uber casts shadow on sale of Addison Lee

    Uber’s rapid ascent in the UK has cast a cloud over the planned sale of Addison Lee after potential bidders raised questionsMurad Ahmed, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany and Arash Massoudi

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    Ottawa attack sparks debate on Canada’s place in the world

    Canada’s prime minister pledged on Thursday to push for increased surveillance and detention powers for the police andGeoff Dyer in Washington and Robert Wright in Ottawa

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    Tunisians go to the polls

    Tunisia was the first Arab country to throw off dictatorship during the Arab Spring of 2011 and it is the only one where the4m 54secs

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    BP and Chevron report promising oil find

    BP and Chevron have revealed an oil find in deep waters in the US Gulf of Mexico, extending a series of discoveries in aJames Wilson in London

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    Spain’s recovery boosts labour market

    Spain’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since 2011 as the economy added jobs for the second consecutive quarter,Ian Mount in Barcelona

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    Liam Scarlett premiere, American Ballet Theatre, Lincoln Center, New York – review

    British choreographer Liam Scarlett has not been shy about treating ballet to the gothic and gruesome, siphoning it throughBy Apollinaire Scherr

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    A chance for mainstream Islam to unite against Isis

    There are few happy consequences of the emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has swept across IraqHossein Mousavian

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