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    Hong Kong’s lucky revolutionaries

    The first half-hour of my conversation with Yvonne Leung was inspiring. We were sitting together in a university canteen asRoula Khalaf

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    Donetsk mine rescue

    Miners arrive to help with the rescue effort in Zasyadko coal mine in Donetsk on Wednesday. A blast at the coal mine in theJamie Han

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    BBC Trust chief doubts body’s future

    The end of the BBC Trust looks increasingly nigh, after the body’s own chairman said its powers should be passed to a newHenry Mance

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    EU proposes to extend pay rules to smaller banks

    The EU has made another attempt to curb the remuneration of asset managers and executives working for small banks andLaura Noonan and Caroline Binham in London

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    Royal St George’s votes to allow women members

    A premier UK golf club will admit female members for the first time in its history after a landmark vote, leaving just twoAliya Ram

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    What has really happened to living standards?

    Choices matter when measuring living standards. When looking at Britain’s living standards since before the recession, youChris Giles

  4. beyondbrics



    Guest post: Hungary is ready for an upgrade

    By Zsolt Kuti and Imre Ligeti of the National Bank of Hungary The upgrades in Hungary’s credit outlook last year, first byGuest writer

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    Wish you were here? Postcard campaign highlights Mexico’s flaws

    How should Mexico combat the “incredulity and distrust” that President Enrique Peña Nieto himself admits has swept theJude Webber, Mexico City

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    Limit the damage

    What individuals can do: 3 Remain self-reflective, differentiate between actual and perceived needs 3 Greed is most

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Pakistan students

    Pakistani Muslim students attend a religious madrassa, or school, to learn the Quran, in Karachi, Pakistan on Wednesday.Jamie Han

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