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    Bank reforms will help lift Europe’s struggling economy

    Sir, The lobbying efforts against the EU’s proposal for structural reform of its largest banks are back to front (“Banks

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    Other options exist to make carbon capture and storage viable

    Sir, Pilita Clark’s report “Fears grow over viability of carbon capture” (November 24) questions the economic viability of

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    EU law entitles workers to the same benefits

    Sir, Nick Clegg, the UK deputy prime minister, asserts that the UK government can pay European Union workers lower benefits

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    For the world’s cleanest air, head to Iceland

    Sir, I respectfully suggest to Patti Waldmeir (“The bronchial set goes in search of blue sky breathing”, Shanghai Notebook,

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    Japanese inflation has been positive recently

    Sir, In his article on Abenomics (November 21), William White says that “the level of Japanese consumer prices has fallen

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    Abe’s courageous plan seems to be working

    Sir, William White puts the case against Japan’s reflationary policy (“Plans by Abe for further stimulus are not courageous

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    Devolve skills funding to local government

    Sir, The CBI and TUC state in their joint interview (“Adversaries urge companies to lift skills spending”, November 25) that

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    Higher Level Apprenticeships are not marketed well

    Sir, To achieve substantially higher levels of apprenticeships in this country there needs to be a sea change in the way the

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    Simple questions every board should be asking

    Sir, Simon Samuels is right (“A culture ratio is more important than a capital ratio”, November 25). But, beyond checking

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    Bob Diamond pounces as global banks retreat from Africa

    Bob Diamond, the former Barclays boss who is investing in African lenders, said big global banks have moved “off the stage”Martin Arnold and Patrick Jenkins

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