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    Lending Club: return policy

    Clubs often thrive on an air of exclusivity. Less so Lending Club, the cheerful peer-to-peer lending platform that went

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    Bahrain strips dissidents of nationality

    Bahrain has stripped 72 citizens of their nationality, including pro-democracy Shia dissidents and militant Sunnis fightingSimeon Kerr in Dubai

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    The perils of a strong US dollar

    First things first. We are not about to replay the 1930s. The world’s big economies are not deliberately indulging inEdward Luce

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    Refiners say Keystone is route to oil independence

    Republicans backing the Keystone XL oil pipeline say it would create thousands of jobs in an economy grappling with stagnantBarney Jopson in Washington and Ed Crooks in New York

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    Bernd Lucke strengthens control of AfD

    Bernd Lucke, founder of Germany’s eurosceptic Alternative für Deutschland, this weekend reinforced his control of the partyStefan Wagstyl in Berlin

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    Aberdeen positive on oil price fall

    Martin Gilbert, chief executive of Europe’s largest listed fund company, Aberdeen Asset Management, discusses with FTfm6m 19secs

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    CRH to acquire €6.5bn in cement assets from Holcim and Lafarge

    CRH, the Irish cement company, has made its biggest acquisition to date, reaching a deal to acquire €6.5bn in assets beingBy Arash Massoudi in London and Vincent Boland in Dublin

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    The gathering threat to Africa of Boko Haram

    It has been clear for some time that Nigeria alone cannot contain the insurgency raging in its impoverished northeast and

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    Plan to rebuild Crystal Palace stalls

    The grandiose plan to rebuild the Crystal Palace, which housed the Great Exhibition of 1851, launched with great fanfareEmily Cadman

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    UK aerospace industry calls for tax allowances

    Britain’s aerospace industry wants the main political parties to commit to extending investment and other tax allowances,Peggy Hollinger, Industry Editor

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