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    Sportech suffers from strong pound and poor US weather

    Pool-based betting operator Sportech suffered the twin effects of extreme US weather and a strong pound, holding back By Roger Blitz, Leisure Industries Correspondent

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    Premier Oil production boosted by UK fields

    Premier Oil, the UK oil and gas explorer, said production in the first half rose 11 per cent but cautioned that poor weather By Mark Odell

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    Norway’s krone strides higher after GDP data

    The Norwegian krone strode to a two-month high against the euro on Thursday, as investors reassessed their expectations for By Michael Hunter

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    Russian militant detained

    Oleksandr Ratushniak/AFP/Getty Armed Ukrainian forces detain a pro-Russian militant in the village of Chornukhino in the Annabel Cook

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    Citigroup: banking in Japan

    When Citigroup acquired Associates First Capital for $31bn in 2000, its chief Sandy Weill said he was “particularly excited”

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    SoundCloud launches advertising and artist payments

    SoundCloud, the digital music platform, has responded to growing doubts about its ability to make a profit by introducing By Jeevan Vasagar in Berlin

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    Grief in Gaza

    Suhaib Salem/Reuters A grandfather of three Palestinian children, who medics say were killed in an Israeli air strike, cries Annabel Cook

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    Crucial test for gold as QE largesse ends

    After a decade-long rally that took it to a record high of $1,920 an ounce and a two-year period of heightened volatility By Jamie Chisholm

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    Night protests in Ferguson

    Jeff Roberson/AP Lightning flashes over protesters on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. A grand jury has begun hearing Annabel Cook

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    New homes rise but buyers cool on Britain’s housing market

    The number of new homes being built in the UK has hit a post credit-crunch high in the past three months, but the growth in By Kate Allen

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