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    Tsipras wins party backing over Greek bailout talks

    Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, won backing from his radical Syriza party to conclude a bailout deal in the faceBy Kerin Hope in Athens

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    The cold-blooded case for staying in Europe

    Three is a pattern. First, there was the derisive media coverage of the campaign against Scottish independence last year.Janan Ganesh

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    Productivity: It’s a drag

    Drew Greenblatt surveys the shop floor of his small factory in a down-at-heel district of Baltimore, Maryland, where twoSam Fleming and Chris Giles

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    UK market review to push for tougher sentences

    A review by UK policy makers is set to conclude that the prohibition on equity-market manipulation should be extended toCaroline Binham, Financial Regulation Correspondent

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    Tory MPs told to stay in London to maximise slender majority

    The Conservative chief whip has told ministers to limit their travel plans for the first few months of the parliament toKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Care UK in talks to sell community nursing division to Mears

    Care UK, the private equity owned healthcare company, is in final stage talks to sell its community nursing division as partGill Plimmer

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    TUC chief warns EU renegotiation may damage campaign to stay in

    The country’s top trade union official has warned that the campaign to stay in the EU would be destabilised if UK workers’Sarah Gordon

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    Cameron, Europe and the hand of history

    David Cameron’s acknowledgement that he was not greeted with a “wall of love” at last week’s EU summit demonstrated a flairGideon Rachman

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    Workers’ rights must be respected in new EU deal for UK

    Sir, The TUC wants the UK to be at the heart of a fairer and more prosperous Europe: one that working people will support

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    Amazon: buying loyalty

    Why innovate when you can imitate? Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, met the founder of US discount club Costco 15 years ago and

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