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    UPS rebounds to beat forecasts despite rough holiday season

    UPS, the parcel delivery service, recovered from a difficult last quarter of 2014 to report first-quarter net income up 12.6Robert Wright in New York

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    Sanaa destruction

    Shia fighters, known as Houthis, hold up their weapons as they chant slogans at the residence of a military commander of theJamie Han

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    Frenchmen at the Aviva AGM

    Max-Hervé George, holder of a magic ticket, is also an Avivia shareholder. So is his lawyer, Nicolas Lecoq-Vallon. FellowDan McCrum

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    Coalition calculator - FT interactive

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    Pfizer cuts forecasts as strong dollar bites

    Pfizer became the latest US drugmaker to warn a strengthening dollar was hurting its performance as it cut its outlook forDavid Crow in New York

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    Wind and 3: Italian job

    When Guglielmo Marconi invented the wireless radio system no Italians would sponsor him to develop it. Today, a descendent

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    BP and Total reveal smaller than expected fall in earnings

    Two of the world’s leading energy companies coped with plunging oil prices in the first quarter of this year by generatingChristopher Adams, David Sheppard and Michael Stothard

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    Philippine casinos: raising the stakes on Macau

    “If [corrupt] officials gamble in Macau, they will be discovered,” warned Li Gang, mainland China’s representative to theFelipe Salvosa

  6. FT Photo Diary



    Srinagar floods

    A woman paddles her boat in her water-logged courtyard after recent rains in the interiors of Dal Lake in Srinagar onJamie Han

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    Alliance Trust: truce and consequences

    In business as in politics, some alliances are forced. The UK’s Labour party may insist it will not team up with the

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