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    UK manufacturers warn of shutdowns amid energy measures

    Britain’s heavy manufacturers have warned they may be forced to shut down more often this winter to avoid high power costsTanya Powley, Manufacturing Correspondent

  2. Nick Butler



    How to choose a CEO in the energy industry

    Patrick Pouyanne, the new chief executive of Total, speaks at a conference in London on October 30  © BEN STANSALL / AFP /Nick Butler

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    UK life sciences minister races to boost medicines

    It is one of the thorniest challenges facing western economies: how to reward investment in medical science whileAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

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    Jerusalem not the place to ignite a religious fire

    Jerusalem, sacred to the three monotheistic Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has been a tinderbox forDavid Gardner in Beirut

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    The woes and wows of financial education

    Do you remember learning about compound interest? It is one of the few “wow” moments I can remember from my school days, butSophia Grene

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    Norway’s largest pension fund vows to drop coal mine holdings

    Norway’s largest pension fund has vowed to drop its holdings in coal miners, intensifying pressure on the coal industry fromMadison Marriage

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    UK pensions should be more flexible, says Nest

    Nest, the state-backed UK pension scheme, will launch a wide-ranging consultation today as part of a drive to develop moreChris Flood

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    Infrastructure investment needs concrete solutions

    Proposals to stimulate global infrastructure spending announced this month by the G20 in Brisbane have had a mixedChris Flood

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    Inflation is key to gauging business cycles

    Inflation is to investment strategy what location is to property: everything. Inflation drives many things that influencePeter Elston

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    Challenge from Chinese fund houses overblown

    China’s biggest fund houses appeared to be on course to challenge their international rivals in terms of asset size at theMadison Marriage

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