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    Cost-cutting stabilises margins at Orange

    French telecoms group Orange kept margins stable and slowed the fall in its revenue during the third quarter thanks to aAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Hyundai Motor: at the crossroads?

    Sometimes an investment costs more than the price tag. Korea’s Hyundai Motor has discovered this to its sorrow. Last month

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    Serious Fraud Office seeks 75% extra funding

    The UK’s main anti-fraud and corruption agency has asked the Treasury for 75 per cent more funding for high-profileCaroline Binham, Legal Correspondent

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    How buybacks can underpin miners’ dividend policies

    BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto like to brag about their progressive dividends. Each year, the two FTSE 100 miners pay out aBy Neil Hume, Commodities Editor

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    Eurozone business activity expands in October

    A closely watched survey of economic activity in the eurozone rose unexpectedly in October, though readings for priceClaire Jones in Frankfurt

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    That was nuts, what's next? Goldman edition

    Unless we’re mistaken, Goldman has come up with its own “This is nuts” top ten. Decent effort: 1. Since the low in theDavid Keohane

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    Ladbrokes boosted by World Cup

    The football World Cup revitalised Ladbrokes, helping the UK bookmaker deliver a near doubling in third-quarter operatingRoger Blitz, Leisure Industries Correspondent

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    Big business tempers anti-graft clampdown, says report

    More than half the countries around the world that pledged to clamp down on bribery are doing nothing about it because bigCaroline Binham in London

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    Canada PM vows crackdown after fatal attack

    Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, vowed to “redouble” the country’s fight against terrorist organisations abroadRobert Wright in Ottawa and Reuters

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    Interest rate turmoil leads to Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading record

    While Wall Street watched with trepidation as markets whipsawed violently last week, 800 miles away the mood at the ChicagoMichael Mackenzie, Gregory Meyer and Tracy Alloway

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