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    Ed Miliband woos business bosses with warning over EU exit risk

    Ed Miliband will attempt to align Labour on Monday with a sceptical business community, insisting that only he can avert theGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    Nicolas Sarkozy the winner as local polls deal blow to Socialists

    France’s centre-right UMP party and its allies made strident gains in local elections on Sunday, delivering a winding blowAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Christian Tetzlaff, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London — review

    It’s enough to bring a violinist out in a cold sweat: the prospect of stepping in for an indisposed soloist, at shortHannah Nepil

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    New York Philharmonic/Adams, Avery Fisher Hall, New York — review

    First Adès, now Adams. Earlier this month, the New York Philharmonic introduced Thomas Adès’ Totentanz, a chic exercise inMartin Bernheimer

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    Ed Miliband anxious to soothe business bruises

    On the first full day of the election campaign, Ed Miliband will devote himself to trying to put Labour on the side ofGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    Middle East tensions heighten as pressure builds over Yemen

    Tensions sharpened across the Middle East on Sunday after Arab leaders sought to raise the pressure on Iran by announcing aGeoff Dyer in Washington, Heba Saleh in Cairo and Sam Jones in Lausanne

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    Japanese Michelin star holder wants to give the world a taste for ‘umami’

    Yoshihiro Murata found his purpose in life when, as university graduate, he went to France to learn how to cook. The scionRobin Harding

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    Olympic task to reinvent Tokyo’s heart

    The 1964 Olympics transformed Tokyo into a vibrant, modern city, setting off an incredible era of postwar economic growth.Kana Inagaki

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    World watches Japan and waits for outcome of Abenomics experiment

    We live in an era of radical economic policy experiments. The US Federal Reserve has bought trillions of dollars in assets.Robin Harding

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    Corporate Japan turns gleaming eye to its cash hoard

    This article is published by the FT as part of a collaboration with Nikkei that started in 2013 to provide added insight toKunio Saijo, Nikkei senior staff writer

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