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    Hanergy founder Li Hejun spent $50m on more stock on crash day

    Li Hejun, the controlling shareholder of the world’s largest solar company, spent more than $50.1m buying additional sharesCynthia O’Murchu

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Wingsuit world cup

    Wingsuit skydivers check each others suits as they prepare to board an aircraft to take part in the first Wingsuit World CupChris Batson

  3. NEW


    Record fine for Keydata, the debate over ringfencing, and Monte dei Paschi rights issue

    Deputy head of Lex Oliver Ralph and guests discuss the £75m fine for Keydata over mis-selling of investment products, the12m 39secs

  1. NEW


    Tony Blair to step down as Middle East peace envoy next month

    Tony Blair is set to step down from his role as Middle East envoy next month. The former British prime minister took theMark Odell and Jim Pickard

  2. NEW


    Telford points to election fillip for UK housebuilders

    Telford Homes reported an increase of almost a third in full-year profit and lauded the UK’s general election outcome asElizabeth Paton

  3. NEW


    Ukraine takes ‘odious’ path to default

    Ukraine’s decision last week to grant its government the power to stop foreign debt payments marks a distinct shift in toneElaine Moore

  4. FT Alphaville



    The Great Camp Alphaville Quiz -- call for entries

    Think you are smart and know stuff? Do you have two or three friends or colleagues who are similarly gifted? Prove it.EnterFT Alphaville

  5. NEW


    Sugru raises £1m to expand into US

    The East London-based manufacturer of Sugru, a self-setting silicone rubber similar to modelling clay, is set to raise £1mJudith Evans

  6. The World



    Australia feels the reverberations of Ireland's gay marriage vote

    It is 10,000 miles from Ireland to Australia but it didn’t take long for Ireland’s yes vote in favour of gay marriage toJamie Smyth

  7. NEW


    UK government to raise threshold for strike ballots

    Britain’s six million union members will in future need to opt in to contribute to political funds as part of governmentBy Jim Pickard and Sarah O’Connor

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