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    Unyielding eurozone gives Athens last chance

    Athens will be given a final chance to present a new reform plan to eurozone leaders on Tuesday night despite a hardeningPeter Spiegel in Brussels, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany in Paris, Claire Jones in Frankfurt and Kerin Hope in Athens

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    Private equity firms battle to buy Tesco’s S Korea unit

    Buyout firm KKR has rejoined the shortlist of five bidders for Tesco’s South Korean unit after sweetening its bid to enterSong Jung-a in Seoul 

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    Marks and Spencer suffers clothing setback

    Marks and Spencer has suffered a setback in efforts to revive its clothing business, with underlying sales of clothing andAndrea Felsted

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    Asia’s mixed record in stock market interventions

    While government interventions in foreign exchange and money markets are commonplace, attempts to interfere directly inBen Bland in Hong Kong

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    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    Athens will be given a final chance to present a new reform plan to eurozone leaders on Tuesday night, despite a hardeningFT Alphaville

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    Reddit debates future amid running battle with critics

    Ellen Pao, interim chief executive at Reddit, took on critics of her leadership of the discussion forum, in a running battleStephen Foley in San Francisco

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    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Tuesday, - Yanis, Merkel’s choice, and “the Global Minotaur: the system of neoliberal capitalism centred onDavid Keohane

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    Key questions are missing from debate on the productivity puzzle

    Adam Smith famously illustrated the advantages of the division of labour into specialised tasks using the 18 distinctDiane Coyle

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    S Korean coffee boom goes international

    At the Ullabong coffee shop in South Korea’s Gyeongsangnam-do province, every latte comes with a foul-mouthed insult drippedSimon Mundy in Seoul

  7. 3 hours ago

    China stock market rout deepens

    Shares on China’s benchmark index on Tuesday continued to slide, defying attempts by the country’s authorities to halt thePatrick McGee and David Pilling in Hong Kong

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