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    Labour drops opposition to EU referendum

    The Labour party has performed a striking u-turn and dropped its opposition to a referendum on EU membership. Under EdHelen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    New monarch and Yemen offensive spark wave of Saudi nationalism

    Lines of green Saudi flags hang proudly along Riyadh’s wide highways while screens around the capital broadcast footage on aSimeon Kerr in Riyadh

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    Negative rates pose corporate conundrum

    Life for companies in Europe has been turned upside down. Like individuals, corporate treasurers are accustomed to payingSarah Gordon, Business Editor

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    Indian politician Jayalalithaa back in charge of Tamil Nadu

    Larger-than-life Indian politician Jayalalithaa has been sworn in as chief minister for the fifth time, after beingDavid Keohane and James Crabtree in Mumbai

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    UK cities join forces to qualify for regional spending powers

    Birmingham and its six neighbouring councils will formally bury old rivalries this week, joining forces in the hope ofJohn Murray Brown

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    ‘Do it for me’ culture threatens home improvement stores

    Ever since the boom years of DIY in the 1980s, bank holidays have typically been the time when British enthusiasts tackleElizabeth Paton

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    Human rights groups attack China draft security law

    International human rights groups have slammed China’s new draft national security law for criminalising free speech andJamil Anderlini in Beijing

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    Suffering Australian miners look to capitalise on ‘pot boom’

    A downturn in the resources industry has prompted a growing number of struggling Australian miners to switch their focus toJamie Smyth in Sydney

  6. 3 hours ago

    Swiss regulator to halt poaching of senior staff

    The Swiss regulator has moved to halt an exodus of its senior staff to the private sector in the face of growing criticismMadison Marriage

  7. 3 hours ago

    ‘Flood’ of interest in National Grid pension scheme

    National Grid’s decision to offload its £17bn pension fund and sell its in-house asset manager has generated a “flood” ofChris Newlands

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