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    First Ebola case diagnosed in US

    American health officials said on Wednesday that an individual who had recently travelled to the US from west Africa was By Geoff Dyer in Washington

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    Cameron to end on optimistic note with NHS pledge

    David Cameron will promise on Wednesday a real-terms rise in health spending in the next parliament, in an attempt to blunt By George Parker in Birmingham

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    Network Rail told to cut costs by 20% in next five years

    Network Rail will have to cut costs by a fifth over the next five years while improving services on Britain’s railways, the By Gill Plimmer

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    KPMG gains legal services licence

    KPMG has received a licence that will formalise its foray into the legal profession, the latest of the “big four” to take By Harriet Agnew, City Correspondent

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    Microsoft's Windows brain teaser: 7, 8, 8.1... 10

    The announcement of a new Windows isn’t what it used to be – even when you skip past little-loved 9 (a number which didn’t Richard Waters

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    Calls for change could apply to medical and law schools

    Sir, Prompted by students, the economics curriculum is now poised for change (“Economics needs to reflect a post-crisis

  4. NEW


    Today’s economics courses today have less history, more abstruse mathematics

    Sir, Your editorial on the teaching of economics (September 26) is right. The extent to which economics has gone wrong came

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    Economics books are quite the opposite of what the FT thinks it teaches

    Sir, You write (editorial, September 26) that economics courses too often begin with “how rational agents interact in

  6. NEW


    Banks and speculators caused Ireland’s collapse

    Sir, Your very positive editorial on Ireland’s recovery (“Ireland shows struggling Europe the way ahead”, September 22) has

  7. NEW


    Where Latin America’s true brand value lies

    Sir, I write in response to your Special Report on Latin American Brands (September 24). The brand value of Latin America

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