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    Japan’s flirtation with deflation, a new era of online regulation and the robot revolution

    Most Asian stocks were up this morning but emerging market indices slipped after US economic data added weight to the viewAmie Tsang

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    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    You can sign up to receive the email here. The US approved the biggest government intervention in the way the internet isAmie Tsang

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    Google Ventures’ European arm makes first investment in Kobalt

    The European arm of Google Ventures has made its first investment, snapping up a stake in Kobalt, a music technology companyRobert Cookson, Digital Media Correspondent

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    Rio Tinto and Glencore push ahead with cost-cutting

    Rio Tinto and Glencore have both moved to implement new cost-cutting measures, as a slump in commodity prices forces theJamie Smyth in Sydney and Neil Hume in London

  2. 3 hours ago

    Asia-Pacific equities mostly positive

    Friday 04.00 GMT. Asian stocks were mostly moving higher on Friday but emerging market indices fell back after US dataPatrick McGee in Hong Kong

  3. 3 hours ago

    Tencent beats Alibaba in ‘red envelope’ app war

    Tencent trumped Alibaba in the “red envelope war” to lure users on to the companies’ competing mobile payment platformsGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

  4. 3 hours ago

    Widodo drug policy threatens foreign ties

    Joko Widodo’s election to Indonesia’s presidency in October raised optimism among foreign leaders that his pledges to boostHarry Jacques in Indonesia, Jamie Smyth in Sydney and Joe Leahy in São Paulo

  5. 4 hours ago

    Battle for the internet

    US rulemakers approve government intervention in the way the internet is run in a bid to stop broadband companies from1m 37secs

  6. 5 hours ago

    Japan moves back towards deflation

    Japan is flirting with a return to deflation after the annual pace of price increases fell to just 0.2 per cent in January,Robin Harding in Tokyo

  7. 6 hours ago

    Buck almighty

    As the US dollar hits its highest point since 2003, John Authers points out that its strength is in part because the yields2m 21secs

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