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    America’s Khorasan puzzle

    There is a rule for starting a rebel group in Syria: gather a few bearded men, hang a black Islamic flag in the background By Roula Khalaf

  2. NEW


    There’s profit in gold fashion trends

    As anyone with a big-bearded friend will attest, fashion is a powerful force among those who confuse it with style. But as By Jamie Chisholm

  3. NEW


    Manon, Royal Opera House, London – review

    The Royal Ballet’s latest revival of Kenneth MacMillan’s 1974 Manon got off to a less than thrilling start at the Royal By Louise Levene

  1. NEW


    UBM plans £563m rights issue to fund bid for Advanstar

    British events group UBM is set to make its biggest acquisition in almost two decades after the company said it would buy US By Robert Cookson

  2. NEW


    Michael Fallon warns prime minister not to cut UK defence budget

    Michael Fallon has warned the prime minister and chancellor not to cut the defence budget after the next election. The By Kiran Stacey in Birmingham

  3. MBA blog



    The adrenaline rush

    A month has already gone by since the first term officially started. Moreover, for the majority of the class, it has already Monica Dee, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  4. NEW


    EU companies turn to levered loan finance

    European companies have regained their appetite for using leveraged loans for finance, as well as high-yield bonds, with By Andrew Bolger

  5. FT Photo Diary



    Rescue operation at Mount Ontake

    Kyodo News/AP Rescuers conduct a search operation near the peak of Mount Ontake in central Japan on Wednesday. Search Annabel Cook

  6. NEW


    BNG to join growing ‘green bond’ issuer ranks

    BNG, the Dutch public finance bank, plans to issue its first “green bond” this year, adding another vendor to the growing By Elaine Moore and Andrew Bolger

  7. NEW


    Junk bond investors wary of US October ‘jinx’

    October is known on Wall Street as the “jinx”, with many traders and investors relieved to see the month behind them thanks By Vivianne Rodrigues in New York

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