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    Fifa elite try to put on brave face after shock at dawn raids

    The 700 or so people who run world football huddled in Zurich hotel lobbies and conference rooms on Wednesday, trying toMalcolm Moore in Zurich

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    Religious art project receives £9m lottery boost

    A highly successful fund manager, multimillionaire and evangelical Christian who wants to make northeast England a centreChris Tighe

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    Buybacks and dividends set to top $1tn

    US companies are bolstering their earnings as the share buyback boom shows little sign of ending. The proliferation of shareBy Nicole Bullock and Eric Platt in New York

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    Triumphant Scots challenge convention at Queen’s Speech

    A casual observer of the state opening of parliament might have imagined that it was the Scottish National party rather thanKiran Stacey, Political Correspondent

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    Dollar’s wild ride could be about to slow

    Of course China wants its renminbi to be a reserve currency. Who wouldn’t want the stability and the immunity to speculativeJames Mackintosh

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    Renminbi tops currency usage table for China’s trade with Asia

    China’s renminbi has become the main currency for payments between China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, more thanJames Kynge

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    The African desert yields up some exciting new ancestors

    A fossil named Lucy has long been a beguiling and emblematic skeleton in the cupboard of human evolution. This 3.2m-year-oldAnjana Ahuja

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    Cameron makes his One Nation pitch to Britain

    The Conservative government’s first Queen’s Speech of the new parliament had the air of a party unbound. For the past five

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    America is the best referee to discipline Fifa

    Imagine if the attorney-general of Switzerland asked the New York Police Department to drive up Park Avenue and arrestJohn Gapper

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    Fifa feels the long arm of American justice

    Fifa has long operated with a sense of impunity, airily dismissing the persistent allegations of bribes and kickbacks that

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