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    Police forensics: the inside story

    Police forensics The burglars of Birmingham all wear Nike Air Max trainers. Within minutes of being called to a domesticHelen Warrell

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    Inchcape selects chief to steer it through sales surge

    Inchcape Plc, the UK’s largest publicly traded car retailer by revenue, announced the appointment of a new chief executiveJoel Lewin in London

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    First Person: ‘I’m a professional corpse’

    One of the things I’d always wanted to do was to see my name in the TV credits. My wife and I were watching Law & Order oneChuck Lamb, as told to Joel Lewin

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    The inventory: Kathy Reichs

    Kathy Reichs, 66, is a forensic anthropologist and bestselling author of 17 novels featuring Dr Temperance Brennan, whichHester Lacey

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    Eurozone falls deeper into deflation

    The eurozone fell deeper into deflation this month, with prices falling by 0.6 per cent in the year to January — a figure onClaire Jones in Frankfurt

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    QE drives record European equity inflows

    European equity funds this week saw the strongest inflows on record as enthusiasm for quantitative easing by the EuropeanRalph Atkins – London

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    Jay-Z buys Nordic music streaming service Wimp

    Jay-Z is the latest rapper to enter the music streaming business as the writer of hits such as “99 Problems” and “EmpireRichard Milne, Nordic Correspondent

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    Swiss franc drifts lower

    Switzerland’s franc fell further on Friday as speculation lingered that the country’s central bank could intervene to weakenMichael Hunter

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    Spain grows at fastest rate in seven years

    The Spanish economy is growing faster than at any time since the start of the financial crisis seven years ago, amid signsTobias Buck, Madrid

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    Fed must loosen capital controls on banks

    This could be the year of revolt against the Federal Reserve. Not from the Ron Paul crackpots with their black helicopterTom Braithwaite

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