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    Irish voters back same-sex marriage in referendum

    Irish voters have given their overwhelming backing to same-sex marriage in one of the most extraordinary referendum resultsVincent Boland in Dublin

  2. MBA blog

    4 hours ago

    The penultimate lap

    An executive MBA can be present you with such a work load that you truly don’t think there are enough hours in the day.Gareth Rees, University of Bath EMBA

  3. 11 hours ago

    US Senate backs ‘fast-track’ trade push

    The US Senate voted on Friday to give President Barack Obama the “fast-track” authority he needs to complete the largestShawn Donnan in Washington

  1. 14 hours ago

    Where next?

    World markets are in suspended animation as investors try to predict when the Federal Reserve will start to raise interest4m 45secs

  2. 15 hours ago

    California farmers vow to cut water use

    Thousands of Californian farmers have pledged to cut their water use by a quarter during this growing season, to help saveHannah Kuchler in San Francisco

  3. 15 hours ago

    The great HS2 debate must consider connectivity, not just costs

    Sir, In replying to Jeremy Paxman (“Folly of a £50bn HS2 project must hit the buffers”, Comment, May 16), Sir David Higgins

  4. 15 hours ago

    HS2 will be the first step in providing robust links to the north

    Sir, Jeremy Paxman refers to the HS2 project as a “grotesque waste of taxpayers’ money” (Comment, May 16). His views are,

  5. 16 hours ago

    The key ingredient is about connectivity across the UK

    Sir, The attack on HS2 by Jeremy Paxman (Comment, May 16) is very home counties-centric. I find it astonishing that there is

  6. 16 hours ago

    Fund management needs a low-cost overhaul

    Sir, Merryn Somerset Webb rightly draws attention to to the drag that high charges have on the performance of funds (FT

  7. 16 hours ago

    Art for art’s sake is just what the market needs

    Sir, The figure 1.6 per cent, the economist John Picard Stein’s estimate of the “intangible rewards” from investing in art

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