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    A first blow against corporate tax avoidance

    Governments across the developed world have long been concerned by the need to crack down on corporate tax avoidance. As

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    Designers fly the flag for a free Scotland

    The Scottish referendum may see the end of the Union Jack flag as we know it, but new representations of the St Andrews flag By Serena Tarling in London

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    A reborn Gordon Brown could be the man who saved the union

    Scotland these past few weeks has been watching a politician reborn. Gordon Brown had become Britain’s forgotten prime By Philip Stephens

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    Campaign leaves Scotland deeply divided

    Alex Salmond has called the Scottish referendum “a joyous empowering campaign” but it ended with a country deeply divided By George Parker, Alistair Gray and Kiran Stacey

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Beijing park life

    Kevin Frayer/Getty Images A Chinese security guard sits on a bench as he watches over a park on Wednesday in Beijing, China. Jamie Han

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    Scotland has to be braver to build strong banks

    Tomorrow, Scotland may set out on the bumpy path to independence from the rest of the UK. Its banking system is likely to By John Gapper

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    Unilever comments spark share price fall

    Cautious comments on growth prospects for the consumer goods industry from Unilever’s finance director left the company’s By Bryce Elder

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    South Africa joins sukuk bond rush

    South Africa has joined Hong Kong and the UK to become the third non-Muslim country to sell government debt that adheres to By Elaine Moore, Andrew England and Robin Wigglesworth

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    Oil slips on scepticism over Opec cuts

    Oil prices eased as traders paused to consider recent news from Opec and Libya as well as official data that showed a larger By Neil Hume

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    New York Philharmonic/Gilbert, Avery Fisher Hall, New York – review

    Opening night galas often seek a balance between light-hearted froth and serious substance. The New York Philharmonic’s By George Loomis

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