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    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    You can sign up for the email here. Apple sold 74.5m iPhones to report the largest profit in history in the three months toAmie Tsang

  2. NEW


    China backlash over WeChat adverts

    With paranoia growing around the world about the reach of targeted Facebook ads and Google’s big data, the opposite seems toCharles Clover in Beijing

  3. Andrew Smithers



    Understanding market momentum

    Investors rightly worry about the risks they run as well as their prospects for gain. The assessment of risk is complicatedAndrew Smithers

  1. NEW


    Japan’s Abe seeks Jordan’s help in hostage crisis

    Shinzo Abe has pressed Jordan for help in securing the release of a Japanese hostage , after a video surfaced overnight inBy Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

  2. NEW


    Alibaba’s finance arm launches credit scoring service

    Alibaba Group’s finance arm has launched a credit rating system that draws on the Chinese ecommerce group’s huge trove ofGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

  3. NEW


    Renminbi joins top five most-used currencies

    China’s renminbi has clocked up another milestone on its march towards internationalisation after breaking into the top fiveJosh Noble in Hong Kong

  4. NEW


    Singapore loosens monetary policy

    Plunging oil prices and muted domestic economic activity have prompted Singapore to loosen monetary policy by slowing theJeremy Grant in Singapore

  5. NEW


    Asia subdued ahead of Fed meeting outcome

    Wednesday 03:30am GMT. Asia market sentiment was subdued after mixed US data and disappointing corporate earnings, asPatrick McGee in Hong Kong

  6. NEW


    Diminished expectations

    Wall Street had a bad day driven by disappointing earnings (before Apple announced after the close) and poor economic data.3m 11secs

  7. 6 hours ago

    AT&T losing war on mobile battleground

    AT&T lost more than 100,000 of its most lucrative mobile phone customers in the final three months of 2014, as theDavid Crow in New York

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