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    Temasek profits from equity boom

    Temasek Holdings, Singapore’s state investment company, reported a rise of 19 per cent in the value of its portfolio in theHenny Sender in Hong Kong

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    Sanction-scarred Russian groups eye Bric finance options

    Russia is eyeing the New Development Bank set up by the Brics group of large emerging economies for relief for some of itsKathrin Hille in Moscow

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    Aim’s survival is in the hands of the regulators

    Sir, You report (“Aim shrinks as Nomads leave”, July 6) on the significant number of companies departing London’s junior

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    Ammonia not quite ‘bread from air’ — but there are ways round the problem

    Sir, As a professional engineer who makes his living using ammonia, I write to express my appreciation of the letter from

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    What we can learn from the rare earths fiasco

    Sir, Your obituary on the death of Molycorp, the US rare earth miner, betrayed a lack of understanding about this company’s

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    Reduce the debt burden on Greece with consols

    Sir, Going back to the future with the introduction of the “Greek consol” may be a way to save the Greek economy, the euro

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    Furtwängler returned to Berlin’s orchestra in 1952

    Sir, In his article “Berlin’s band finds harmony in democracy” (July 2), on the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra and its choice

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    Budget 2015: Osborne to review green energy subsidies

    George Osborne will on Wednesday announce a review of green energy taxes and subsidies in an effort to reassure consumersElizabeth Rigby and Jim Pickard

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    Summer Budget: George Osborne plans ‘lower welfare, lower tax’ UK

    George Osborne will use his Summer Budget to announce a shift to a “lower welfare, lower tax” Britain, with plans to slashGeorge Parker and Chris Giles

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    Microsoft veteran Bill Veghte appointed SurveyMonkey boss

    Bill Veghte, a veteran Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard executive, has been brought in to run online polling companyRichard Waters in San Francisco

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