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    Multibillion cross-border deals make a return after five years

    It may have started in the US in the first few weeks of the year, but the global mergers and acquisitions boom of 2014 has By Ed Hammond in New York and Arash Massoudi in London

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    Asset-backed securities: Back from disgrace

    When Ian Bell visited the European Commission in the dark days after the global financial crisis to lobby for “high-quality” By Christopher Thompson and Claire Jones

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    Ireland under pressure over low corporate tax rates

    Just when good news was starting to flow again out of Ireland, along comes the European Commission to spoil the By Vincent Boland in Dublin

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    MPC member David Miles defends Bank of England’s vague guidance

    The Bank of England should keep its guidance that interest rates will rise in “limited and gradual” steps rather than trying By Chris Giles, Economics Editor

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    Companies warn Tories they risk losing pro-business reputation

    Companies are warning the Conservatives that they risk losing their pro-business reputation because of the party’s stance on By Kiran Stacey in Birmingham

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    Tories use familiar mantra to woo marginals

    George Osborne dropped into the Hyatt hotel’s Dolce suite on Monday night to rally MPs and activists on the “frontline of By Elizabeth Rigby in Birmingham

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    Britain’s pro-Europeans can no longer be silent

    For too long, Britain’s mainstream politicians and business leaders have been reluctant to make the positive case for the

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    Ebay/PayPal: for spin-off, by owner

    Product description: Internet retail and digital payments titans – soon to be available for individual purchase for the

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    M&A deals in 2014 eclipse levels in past 5 years

    Global dealmaking in the first nine months of 2014 has eclipsed the level achieved in each of the past five years, after By Ed Hammond in New York

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    Light falls on Apple’s tax deal with Ireland

    Corporate tax avoidance is usually portrayed as a game of cat and mouse, with leaden-footed governments chasing slippery

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  1. James Mackintosh on likely impact of Federal Reserve policy c...
    September 30, 2014

    James Mackintosh on likely impact of Federal Reserve po...

  2. Police presence muted as demonstrators gather
    September 30, 2014

    Police presence muted as demonstrators gather

  3. John Authers on the future of Pimco and Bill Gross
    September 30, 2014

    John Authers on the future of Pimco and Bill Gross