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    RTL warns ‘alarming’ Hungarian tax would hit profits

    RTL Group, Europe’s largest broadcasting company, has warned that profits would be hit by an “alarming” tax on advertising By Daniel Thomas in London

  2. FT Alphaville



    Argentina and Elliott - was it really a bond play?

    Pablo Triana, Professor at the ESADE Business School and all round derivatives expert, thinks that the role of CDS deserves Guest writer

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    BofA to pay $16.65bn in mortgage case

    Bank of America agreed to pay a record $16.65bn in cash and consumer relief to US authorities to resolve allegations that By Kara Scannell and Camilla Hall in New York

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    Watchdog raids Welsh call-centre as part spam text crackdown

    A call-centre in Wales has been raided as part of a wider crackdown on nuisance text messages by the UK’s privacy watchdog. By Daniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

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    Techtronic: trade of the tools

    Americans are hammering, drilling and sanding. Home Depot’s very strong numbers this week, and the optimistic outlook from

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    Law change led to 1,400 gay marriages in England and Wales

    There were more than 1,400 same-sex marriages in England and Wales in the three months after a landmark change in the law By Claer Barrett

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    Li & Fung results cast doubt on global recovery

    Li & Fung, the supplier of made-in-Asia goods to the likes of Marks and Spencer and Walmart, has placed a question mark over By Mark Wembridge and Naomi Rovnick in Hong Kong

  5. beyondbrics



    Legal hodge-podge frustrates Asean harmonisation

    Of all the colonial legacies left by Britain, France and Indonesia in Asia, one of the least talked-about – yet arguably one Jeremy Grant

  6. FT Photo Diary



    Opening GCSE results

    Dan Kitwood/Getty Nurdan Gokce, 16, opens her GCSE results at Stoke Newington school on Thursday in London, England. As Annabel Cook

  7. MBA blog



    Web chat: Bryn Panee Burkhart

    Welcome to the FT live web chat with Bryn Panee Burkhart from MIT Sloan School of Management, in the US. Are you an MBA Wai Chan, FT

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