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    Bargains on offer as the great Euro-hate continues

    Investors continue to shun European companies in the wake of the “stress tests” on the continent’s banks, despite evidenceJonathan Eley

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    Parents still confused by Jisa/CTF system

    Junior Isas are three years old this weekend, but the children’s savings market remains characterised by risk aversion, highJonathan Eley

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    The attitudes of fund managers must change

    A few weeks ago I wrote here about what makes a company a social enterprise rather than just a company. Many people wroteMerryn Somerset Webb

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    The price of active management is about right

    One view regularly rendered by supposedly learned finance experts is a tell-tale tip that the deliverers of the followingKen Fisher

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    Boardroom trades November 1

    Matthew Emmens sold shares in Shire as he stepped down as chairman of the pharmaceutical group in March. The shares wentBy Michael Tindale

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    Virgin Galactic test flight crashes in Mojave desert

    Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two has crashed in the Mojave Desert during a test flight, with reports suggesting that atRobert Wright in New York

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    To hell and back, via Salina

    There’s a famous ferry journey in Dante’s “Inferno” – across the River Acheron to the first circle of hell. But as our ferrySuzi Feay

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    Higher capital gains rate fails to deliver more tax

    Capital gains tax delivered less for the Exchequer in 2012-13 than in the previous two years, in spite of a recovering stockAdam Palin

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    Can we force administrators to vacate property?

    We are hoping to take on new premises that are currently occupied by the administrators of the previous failed tenant. They

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    Homer truths in high places: plant-hunting on Mount Olympus

    When middle-aged men start climbing mountains, the symptoms are usually clear. They have not been made chief executive,Robin Lane Fox

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