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    Sturgeon hails ‘momentum’ behind Scotland’s ‘Yes’ campaign

    The deputy leader of the Scottish nationalists said the campaign for independence had “extraordinary momentum” in a live By Sarah O’Connor in Edinburgh

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    Lib Dems seek PR in local elections

    The Liberal Democrats will seek an end to first-past-the-post voting in local elections as a condition for forming a future By Jim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    May polishes pitch for Tory leadership with vision on welfare

    Theresa May will on Wednesday issue a reminder that she is still among the frontrunners to be the next leader of the By Helen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    McCarthy & Stone to invest in new retirement homes

    McCarthy & Stone has pledged to invest £2bn in thousands of new retirement homes as it seeks to cash in on growing demand By Andy Sharman

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    Trafigura sells assets near booming Texas oil port

    Trafigura, one of the world’s largest commodities traders, plans to sell a controlling stake in docks, tanks and other By Gregory Meyer in New York

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    Peña Nieto pushes on with change

    With an overhaul of a landmark welfare programme and the announcement of a major new Mexico City airport to quadruple By Jude Webber in Mexico City

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    Switzerland named as world’s ‘most competitive’ economy

    Switzerland has retained its crown as the world’s most competitive economy for the sixth year in a row, according to a By Emily Cadman

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    Jefferies revenues hit record $835m

    Jefferies, the independent investment bank, announced record revenues of $835m in the third quarter, with strong revenues By Tom Braithwaite in New York

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    Scientists discover how to use human gut to produce propane

    Scientists say they have found a way to make a renewable alternative to fossil fuels from bacteria commonly found in the By Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent

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    M&A transactions involving UK companies remain historically low

    New figures suggest that renewed market optimism surrounding mergers and acquisitions activity in the UK is not reflected in By Harriet Agnew

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