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    Former Total CEO Thierry Desmarest set to return as chairman

    The former chief executive of Total is to return as chairman of the French oil major as a steady hand following the death ofMichael Stothard in Paris

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    Israeli minister calls for ‘new models’ instead of Palestinian state

    Israelis are turning their backs on the two-state solution in the wake of the recent war with Hamas and it is now time toJohn Reed in Jerusalem

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    Homebase plans to cut quarter of stores in digital shift

    Homebase plans to close a quarter of its stores by 2018 as part of a strategy to cut costs and become more digitallyKadhim Shubber

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    Datawatch: the growth of city living

    More people lived in urban than rural areas for the first time ever in 2007. This year it is estimated that 54 per cent ofGavin Jackson

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    Chinese deposit growth, but not as we knew it

    Chart du jour from BCA Research: We would really stress that this isn’t new and the real reason is probably founderingDavid Keohane

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    Hong Kong talks disappoint protesters

    Pro-democracy leaders express disappointment at the lack of concrete concessions during talks to end the protests in Hong2m 29secs

  4. FT Alphaville



    Just the minutes

    The last Monetary Policy Committee meeting was on October 7 & 8, and much has happened in the last two weeks. Volatility hasDan McCrum

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    Obama leads tributes to former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee

    President Barack Obama has led the tributes to Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post best known for steeringMark Odell

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    Iranians struggle with cost of living

    Hassan Rouhani likes to compare Iran’s galloping inflation rate to a wild horse, while reassuring long-suffering citizensMonavar Khalaj in Tehran

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    Strong pound drags on FTSE tobacco stocks

    Tobacco stocks were dragging on the FTSE 100 on Wednesday, after further insight into the impact of the strong pound on UKMichael Hunter

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