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    Osborne reaches out to women voters

    George Osborne is set to spend an extra £2m a year subsidising individuals and companies to provide childcare, in an attemptKiran Stacey in London

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    Japan’s Rakuten opens online marketplace for UK high street

    One of the world’s biggest online retailers has burst into the UK market: Rakuten of Japan has set up a British portal toClaer Barrett in London and Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

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    Working in adult jobs turns out to be child’s play at Westfield

    If you look up as you approach Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London, from the south, you will notice aAliya Ram

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    Mylan tweaks $5bn ‘inversion’ deal

    A US pharmaceuticals group vowed to push ahead with a $5bn deal designed to slash its tax bill but tweaked the transactionDavid Crow in New York

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    Brazil's Lula aims Nazi, playboy taunts at opposition's Nevez

    For a few days, it appeared that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva had disappeared from the campaign forThalita Carrico

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    Luxottica to name P&G’s Adil Mehboob-Khan as co-chief executive

    Leonardo del Vecchio, the founder and chairman of Luxottica, has picked Adil Mehboob-Khan, a senior executive at Procter &James Politi in Rome

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    Hostility limits growth of fracking in Europe

    As the US shale revolution continues to transform the country’s energy supply, progress towards establishing whether EuropeBy Michael Kavanagh

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    Utilities companies search for new business models as losses mount

    Vattenfall, Sweden’s state-owned energy giant, is caught between a rock and several hard places. Energy is plentiful andDavid Crouch

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    Germany’s burdensome shift to renewables

    Some Germans see the latest phase in the country’s renewable energy push as adding insult to injury. The population has comeRose Jacobs

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    Pipeline politics flow both ways

    For President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s oil and gas sectors are paramount politically as well as economically, as guarantorsAnjli Raval

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