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  1. 4 hours ago

    Ukip promises electoral reform to help small parties

    UK Independence Party MP Douglas Carswell has suggested his party would introduce electoral reforms if it won the generalAliya Ram

  2. 4 hours ago

    Sri Lanka to review terms of Chinese loans

    Sri Lanka’s foreign minister said on Saturday that his government would send a delegation to Beijing to discuss concernsTom Mitchell in Beijing

  3. 5 hours ago

    Turkish government and Kurds in bid to revitalise peace talks

    Turkey’s government and Kurdish politicians pooled forces on Saturday in a bid to revitalise stuttering peace talks on theirDaniel Dombey-Istanbul

  1. 5 hours ago

    A hated rally

    The global stock bull market is almost six years old, and several major records were broken this month - so why is this4m 58secs

  2. 6 hours ago

    Russian and western leaders condemn murder of Boris Nemtsov

    Slideshow: Russian reformer lies murdered The Russian government, opposition and western leaders on Saturday condemned theKathrin Hille in Moscow

  3. 6 hours ago

    Pegida brings anti-Islam message to the streets of Newcastle

    Pegida, the German-based anti-Islamification group that has been branded racist by German chancellor Angela Merkel, held itsChris Tighe

  4. 8 hours ago

    China’s wild panda population rebounds

    China’s wild panda population has rebounded thanks to intensive conservation efforts and a decline in poaching, but theLucy Hornby

  5. 8 hours ago

    Mourners pay respect to murdered Boris Nemtsov

    Muscovites lined up on Saturday just outside the Kremlin walls to pay their respects to Boris Nemtsov, the opposition leaderKathrin Hille in Moscow

  6. 8 hours ago

    WoodMac considers £1.6bn takeover bids

    Wood Mackenzie, one of the world’s leading energy consultancies, has received competing takeover offers that value theArash Massoudi, Anjli Raval and Joseph Cotterill

  7. 8 hours ago

    Bankia reports a rise in fourth-quarter profits

    Bankia, the Spanish lender that came to embody the country’s crisis, reported a rise in profits in the fourth quarterThomas Hale

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