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    Suddenly, we’re believing this estate-agent speak

    Sir, In the article on new housing development in Oxfordshire’s Vale of The White Horse (“Riding high”, House & Home,

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    You can’t take gender for granted in this day and age

    Sir, I respectfully worry that Anthony Rentoul’s Latin may be a little bit rusty, or that it may not reflect the realities

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    Dogugaeshi, Barbican (Pit), London — review

    It’s a bit like calling your play Play or your ballet Ballet: dogugaeshi is both the name of Basil Twist’s show and theSarah Hemming

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    Brazil deficit adds to Rousseff’s woes

    Brazil has announced its first primary budget deficit in 14 years. more than a decade, underlining the vast challengesSamantha Pearson in São Paulo

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    BoE report into forex-rigging claims cost taxpayer £3m

    The Bank of England paid almost £3m of taxpayers’ money for a report on whether any of its staff knew about or were involvedCaroline Binham, Financial Regulation Correspondent

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    Mumbai law firm’s solution to the lift design problems

    Sir, I came across an elegant if somewhat impractical solution to the basic lighting and design faults of modern lifts as

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    ‘Orderly’ kaleidoscope picture is optical illusion

    Sir, George Parker says that Britain’s two-party political system is broken (“Result hard to call as political system

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    Now we know where to hold the World Cup 2022

    Sir, Now that Qatar has bought Canary Wharf to add to its UK portfolio, surely the answer to the 2022 Fifa World Cup is

  6. FT Photo Diary



    Sir Winston Churchill's funeral anniversary

    The Havengore, the boat which carried Sir Winston Churchill along the Thames during his state funeral in 1965, is picturedMarcus Cotton

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    Wine claims to have knocked back beer to be favourite UK drink

    The British wine industry is claiming to have replaced beer as the nation’s most popular drink — just as brewers areKadhim Shubber and Scheherazade Daneshkhu

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