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    Oracle: a chance of cloud

    Oracle tries to make its earnings calls easy to understand. “We are just winning,” co-chief executive Mark Hurd explains.

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    Carrefour sells Brazil stake for R1.8bn

    Carrefour has sold 10 per cent of its Brazilian retail business to a local entrepreneur, raising R1.8bn (£422m) and pavingAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Obesity can be considered a disability: European court rules

    Obesity can be considered a disability, the European Court of Justice has said in a ruling that could change the wayKadhim Shubber

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    London universities set to gain ground in research funding

    London universities can expect to secure a bigger slice of higher education funding next year, according to rankings thatAliya Ram

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    FTSE 100 joins global stock rally

    The FTSE 100 joined the rally on global stock markets on Thursday, which came after the Federal Reserve sounded a dovishMichael Hunter

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    Royal Mail’s red herrings

    Pilot fish have received a battering from Lord Myners, a City grandee commissioned by the government to investigate theJonathan Guthrie

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    Black Friday discounts boost UK retail sales

    UK retail sales surged in November, growing at their fastest pace in a decade as consumers took advantage of pre-ChristmasEmily Cadman

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    Caesars: Et tu, 1st lien?

    One of our favorite themes is the lengths to which shareholders will go to expropriate value from creditors. In March weSujeet Indap

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    BYD shares sink by a third in mystery sell-off

    Shares in BYD, the Chinese electric car company part-owned by Warren Buffett, fell as much as 47 per cent during a bout ofTom Mitchell in Beijing

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    High drama looms for high-yield bonds

    The highest profile casualty of collapsing oil prices has been Russia, which this week descended into a full blown currencyRalph Atkins in London

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