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    London City airport attacks Boris Johnson order to block expansion

    London’s business airport operator has attacked Boris Johnson over his decision to block its expansion because of concernsJane Wild

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    Omega Advisors probed over share trading

    Leon Cooperman, founder of the $12.7bn hedge fund Omega Advisors, has defended his stock research practices, after receivingStephen Foley in New York and Gina Chon in Washington

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    LSE targets new openings as Borse Dubai bows out

    The departure of the London Stock Exchange Group’s biggest shareholder, and one time potential buyer, marks a sea-change inPhilip Stafford

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    Google to pay Ruth Porat more than $70m in her first year

    Ruth Porat, the outgoing chief financial officer of Morgan Stanley, is set to receive cash and stock worth more than $70m inRichard Waters in San Francisco

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    Pre-election tax pledges fraught with political hazardss

    This week, the two main parties made big promises about not raising taxes if they win on May 7. The past five generalVanessa Houlder

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    Miliband gains credit in TV ‘debate’ but Cameron ‘wins’ poll

    Ed Miliband held his own with David Cameron in the first of a series of pre-election “debates”, according to snap judgmentsJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    UK move to join China-led bank a surprise even to Beijing

    The announcement by George Osborne, UK chancellor, on March 12 that Britain would join China’s answer to the World Bank — aJamil Anderlini in Beijing

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    George Osborne rejected diplomatic advice to join China-led bank

    George Osborne overrode strong objections from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office when he made the decision to join China’sJamil Anderlini - Beijing and Kiran Stacey - London

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    Obama backs crackdown on payday lenders

    President Barack Obama has championed a crackdown on short-term payday lenders by a consumer watchdog that is under fireBarney Jopson in Washington

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    Conservatives kick off UK election campaign with own goal

    David Cameron’s efforts to rally his party before the general election backfired on Thursday as the prime minister endedElizabeth Rigby and Jim Pickard

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