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    China industrialist criticises US over visa rejection

    The Chinese industrialist poised to take control of Italian tyremaker Pirelli has lashed out at the US, saying he is missingTom Mitchell in Beijing

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    BoE and ECB settle four-year battle over City clearing houses

    Britain and the European Central Bank have ended a four-year battle over City of London clearing houses in a deal that couldAlex Barker in Brussels, Claire Jones in Frankfurt

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    European payouts rise by more than 10%

    Europe’s largest companies have increased shareholder payouts by the highest annual amount since the financial crisis,By Alison Smith and Patrick Mathurin in London

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    De Beers toughens rules for diamond customers

    De Beers is making the biggest reforms in more than a decade to the way it sells most of its diamonds, amid concerns overJames Wilson and Avantika Chilkoti

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    Companies diary: March 30 — April 3

    ...Economic Outlook: Eurozone deflation set to have continued • 4CAST Economic Calendar Monday – 30 EARNINGS AA FY 28.4p (n/a) Tuesday – 31 ● Kingfisher’s new chief executive, Véronique Laury, will have full-year results overshadowed...Compiled by Simon Greaves

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    End in sight for post-crisis banking reform, says Basel head

    The avalanche of post-crisis banking regulation is coming to an end and most of the uncertainties weighing on the financialLaura Noonan in Basel

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    Russia is in search of a new ideology

    For much of the 20th century, Russia was the laboratory for one of the most far-reaching ideological experiments in history.Andrei Nekrasov

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    Saudi intervention risks spreading regional war

    Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in the conflict in Yemen sends a strong signal to Iran, its rival for regional power.

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    Softening in eurozone deflation likely to have continued in March

    US and European data will be in the foreground over the coming week. Eurozone labour market data for February and theAndrew Whiffin

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    Medics welcome GSK deal to provide meningitis B vaccine

    Patient groups and medics have welcomed an agreement between the government and GlaxoSmithKline to make Britain the firstAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

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