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    EU-funded venture capital model proves to be double-edged sword

    In 2010, Peter Sasi and his two long-standing business partners came to an impasse. In 15 years working for multinationals By Kester Eddy

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    CEE countries: From industrial dinosaurs to world-class growth rates

    At the sprawling Fiat plant in Kragujevac, southeast of Belgrade, eastern Europe’s old economy meets the new. The site was By Neil Buckley

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    Young researcher’s breakthrough spurs business ambitions

    Joanna Jurek, who has just turned 18, has come up with what great scientists have failed to produce during decades of cancer By Aleksandra Wisniewska

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    Budapest builds on talent pool

    In 2008, Peter Arvai travelled from Sweden to Budapest. He was met at the airport by his uncle. This was at a time when By Murad Ahmed

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    Technology start-ups in central and eastern Europe blow away stereotypes

    Ionut Budisteanu was 19 when he decided he could do a better job than Google. A Romanian student with an exceptional By Henry Foy

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    Alternative web journals in Belarus serve up cappuccino reviews and local culture

    The former Soviet republic of Belarus has a limited media sector and uses Russian as the lingua franca. But Iryna Vidanava, By Sergei Kuznetsov

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    TV host and mayor in Czech Republic sparks a revolution in paying for utilities

    Vladimir Koren, the mayor of Ricany in the Czech Republic wanted to cut his town’s high utility bills. The mayor, who is By Nicholas Watson

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    Bureaucracy remains source of frustration for new businesses

    Mieczyslaw Wilczek died only this year, but in the view of many Polish entrepreneurs, his dream died long ago, when By Henry Foy

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    Pennycook to join Co-op Group board as FCA agrees structure change

    The Co-operative Group’s new chief executive Richard Pennycook will join its board on October 15 as the retailer won By Andrew Bounds

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    US Secret Service head quits after lapses

    The head of the US Secret Service has resigned following a series of lapses that sparked fears about the safety of President By Barney Jopson and Aaron Stanley in Washington

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