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    Salamander board approves Ophir takeover offer

    Salamander Energy’s board has approved a takeover offer from Africa-focused Ophir Energy that would give the southeast AsianJohn Aglionby

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    Liquidity puzzle lurks within bond funds’ extraordinary rise

    James Carville, in his time as adviser to former president Bill Clinton, was clear on how he would like to be reincarnated –Tracy Alloway in New York

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    Samsung eyes management shake-up

    Samsung Electronics is preparing a major management shake-up next month, as Lee Jae-yong, the technology group’s presumedBy Song Jung-a in Seoul 

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    Petrofac warns on profit after oil price fall

    Petrofac has warned investors that a “difficult period” compounded by the lower oil price environment is likely to reduceClaer Barrett

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    Italy regional elections deliver warning to Renzi

    Regional elections in Italy delivered warning signs for Matteo Renzi, the country’s reform-minded prime minister, even asJames Politi in Rome

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    SNP celebrates despite defeat

    The Scottish National party has returned from defeat in September’s independence referendum and its new leader Nicola1m 58secs

  4. Gavyn Davies



    Global policy mix turns more growth friendly

    Dissatisfaction abounds in policy circles and among respected economic commentators (like Martin Wolf and Paul Krugman)Gavyn Davies

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    Further reading

    Elsewhere on Monday, - Misunderstanding reserve currencies and the gold standard. - The Streetwise Prof swats goldbugs. - ADavid Keohane

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    China rate cut unlikely to halt slowdown, say analysts

    China’s surprise interest rate cut late on Friday will not reverse the trend of slower growth and tighter credit, analystsGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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    Instability risk looms large despite G20 hopes

    The national leaders who gathered in Brisbane for the G20 summit set themselves the ambitious goals of promoting growth andDavid Riley

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