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    John Malone locked in battle with Altice for Time Warner Cable

    John Malone, the US cable tycoon, is locked in a $48bn battle for control of Time Warner Cable, the second-largest US cableBy Arash Massoudi in London, James Fontanella-Khan in New York and Adam Thomson in Paris

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    Costcutter owner calls for more mergers to hold off supermarkets

    The owner of Costcutter, Britain’s second-largest chain of corner shops, has called for further mergers in the face ofBy Andrew Bounds

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    Bank of England faces grilling over secret Brexit plans

    The Bank of England’s secretive project to assess the economic risks of Britain leaving the EU is likely to come underFerdinando Giugliano and Helen Warrell

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    Japanese group Lixil faces losses after unit files for insolvency

    Lixil, the Japanese bathroom fittings group, faces losses of at least Y41bn ($337m) after a China-based German-listedStefan Wagstyl in Berlin and Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

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    Conservatives rule out reviving plans to make sackings easier

    The Conservative party has decided against reviving plans to allow businesses to sack employees at will, as it embarks on aHelen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    ‘Britain and Europe’, by Dáithí O’Ceallaigh and Paul Gillespie

    In Samuel Beckett’s play, Endgame, one of the two main characters is unable to stand up and the other is unable to sit down.Review by Vincent Boland

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    Hanergy secured $200m loan ahead of solar group stock tumble

    Li Hejun, the solar tycoon and controlling shareholder in Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, took a US$200m loan pledgingCynthia O’Murchu

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    A level playing field benefits football’s elite

    Well, it was a nice idea. Last week Uefa, the association of European football governing bodies, signalled it would be

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    EU aims to share out up to 40,000 asylum seekers among members

    The EU will share out up to 40,000 asylum seekers as part of plans to reform the system of handling them, in the face ofDuncan Robinson in Brussels and Henry Foy in Warsaw

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    Haiti: Rising from the rubble

    At first glance, the Iron Market in Port-au-Prince is a monument to a renaissance in Haiti. With its restored Victorian-eraAndrew Jack and Andres Schipani

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