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    Abenomics’ arrows fail to hit their mark

    Mid-August is Obon season in Japan, the time when people return to their ancestral homes and pay homage to the spirits of By Henny Sender

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    Balfour Beatty public-private portfolio valued at more than £1bn

    Balfour Beatty has announced that its public-private portfolio has increased in value to more than £1bn in figures delayed By Nick Wilson

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    China property slump persists into August, data shows

    China’s property slump – which in July was characterised by widespread declines in city real estate prices coupled with James Kynge

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    Central bankers face ‘confidence bubble’

    Frothy financial markets, asset prices at perilous highs, cautious investors pushed to take ever bigger risks – the side By Ralph Atkins in London

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    Ryanair aims to put business travellers first with new class

    Low-cost airline Ryanair is to offer a “business class” service on all of its flights as it tries to gain a bigger share of By Claer Barrett

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    South Korea leads in ditching bank branches

    A surge in the popularity of automated banking services in South Korea has slashed the number of people who still use bank Tae-jun Kang

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    Green energy outcry as PM Tony Abbott unpicks Australian policy

    A light breeze twitches the 31 giant wind turbines on a hilltop in rural Australia to whirl into action, generating enough By Jamie Smyth in Gunning, Australia

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    Kiev promises ceasefire plan for east Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko early on Wednesday promised to work on a ceasefire plan to end the separatist conflict By John Aglionby in London, Roman Olearchyk in Kiev and agencies

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    Foxtons to pay special dividend as profits jump

    Foxtons‘ profits jumped in the first six months of this year, as the London estate agency chain business announced it would By Kate Allen

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    Elsewhere on Wednesday, - Property rights and saving the rhino. - Why the Putin era may be over sooner than we think. - The David Keohane

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