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    National Australia Bank to raise $4.3bn for UK exit

    National Australia Bank, the country’s largest lender by assets, said it would raise A$5.5bn (US$4.4bn) in a bid to lift itsJamie Smyth in Sydney

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    Investment opportunities in Ukraine emerge amid political crisis

    Things have not been going according to plan for Mohammad Zahoor, one of Ukraine’s most prominent foreign entrepreneurs. InYuri Bender

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    Virtu to expand into China

    Virtu Financial, the high-speed proprietary trader that went public in April, plans to expand into China. Douglas Cifu, theNicole Bullock in New York

  1. 2 hours ago

    US biotech group Verseon to list on Alternative Investment Market

    A Californian biotech company that uses computer algorithms to discover medicines will complete a £300m stock market listingAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

  2. 2 hours ago

    State’s flaws cannot be fixed in chaos of a Grexit

    Sir, Despite the pros and cons of a Grexit for the eurozone, one thing is certain for Greece: it will plunge the country

  3. 2 hours ago

    Taiwan has played active role in Nepal relief effort

    Sir, I would like to add further clarification to Taiwan’s contributions to the Nepal earthquake relief effort, as referred

  4. 2 hours ago

    Miliband is on the money with focus on inequality

    Sir, You criticise Labour leader Ed Miliband for being “preoccupied with inequality” (“The compelling case for continuity”,

  5. 2 hours ago

    Commercial courts can assist in arbitration system

    Sir, There is truth in the view that the present system of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in foreign investment is

  6. 2 hours ago

    Linguistic crimes carried heavy penalty in banking

    Sir, Lucy Kellaway’s amusing and timely observations (May 4) about the ever more ill-disciplined distortion of the English

  7. 2 hours ago

    Intervention also helped redraw Serbia’s borders

    Sir, You write that Vladimir Putin’s “annexation of Crimea and his incursions into Ukraine are the first redrawing of the

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