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    No-frills Ryanair faces test with Business Plus

    There are no flat bed seats, no free champagne and no left turn. But Ryanair still claims it is offering a business service. By Vincent Boland in Dublin and Jane Wild in London

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    Market reaction to a CEO’s death can reveal attitudes to pay

    Share price reaction to the sudden death of a senior executive can show whether bosses are paid too much, according to By Alison Smith, Chief Corporate Correspondent

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    German creditors challenge sale of BES insurance arm

    A group of German creditors is attempting to block the planned sale of a Portuguese insurance company in a move that could By Peter Wise in Lisbon

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    Ukip has Rotherham in its sights after child sex abuse scandal

    There used to be two constants in Derek and Veronica Reeder’s life: they were from Rotherham and they voted Labour. Now the By Andrew Bounds and Jim Pickard

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    Regulator fines RBS £14.5m for ‘serious failings’

    Royal Bank of Scotland’s efforts to clean up its image under a new chief executive suffered a blow on Wednesday as the UK By Sam Fleming

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    Ryanair introduces stripped down business class

    Another day, another blow to the traditional glamour of international flying. In a week when two passengers were thrown off By Vincent Boland in Dublin and Claer Barrett in London

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    Monitise signs partnership deal with IBM

    British mobile money company Monitise has signed a partnership agreement with IBM in the latest sign that technology groups By Sally Davies

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    Shadow of Erdogan hangs over Turkey’s prime minister

    Behlul Ozkan well remembers his lessons with Ahmet Davutoglu, the man who on Wednesday was granted the stewardship of both By Daniel Dombey in Istanbul

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    Tesco sales down 4% as it struggles to fend off German discount stores

    Tesco’s wounds from the supermarket price war deepened on Wednesday after industry figures showed a 4 per cent fall in By Scheherazade Daneshkhu, Consumer Industries Editor

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    ECB signs up BlackRock to advise on bond buying

    The European Central Bank has stepped up preparations for a fresh move to combat deflation by appointing BlackRock to advise By Alice Ross in Frankfurt

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