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    Arab Bank found liable for terror financing

    A US federal jury found Jordan’s Arab Bank liable for knowingly providing financial services that helped Hamas militants to By Camilla Hall in New York

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    Fifth of primary schools set to fail basic standards

    One in five primary schools is expected to fail minimum standards in English and maths by 2016 because of a “perfect storm” By Helen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    Poverty pushes children to lower achievement and poorer health

    School children from poorer backgrounds in Britain reach significantly lower levels of achievement than their peers, setting By Joel Lewin

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    Democracy is the winner if it can shake off populist rhetoric

    Sir, Philip Stephens argues that, after the Scottish poll, a referendum on EU membership could be “another festival for

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    UK thinks fresh coat of paint on failed model of representative government is enough

    Sir, The 85 per cent turnout in the Scottish referendum is in stark contrast to the derisory (and falling) turnouts in

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    Expect calls for devolution of Wales

    Sir, As David Cameron moves towards honouring his pledge to devolve more powers to Scotland, there will be the inevitable

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    UK introduction garners applause

    Sir, At a business conference in Düsseldorf on Friday morning last week, I got up to ask a question. In my best German I

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    The class divide reflects badly on American society

    Sir, In the article “Pay pressure” (September 19) Branko Milanovic writes that “Europe is in the process of creating, in its

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    The FT still welcomes utopian views

    Sir, It is a pleasure to read that the Financial Times, in its new incarnation, still allows the views of utopians to grace

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    Renewables can improve Europe’s energy security

    Sir, Your article (“Russia’s challenge to an oil-hungry world”, September 16) quite rightly identifies the scale of the

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