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    Gallagher pursues Ross over defection

    The New York-listed insurance broker Arthur J Gallagher is pursuing legal action against the former head of itsAlistair Gray and Jane Croft

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    New Petrobras chairman is government ally

    Petrobras, the oil company mired in Brazil’s biggest corruption scandal, has appointed a staunch government ally as its newSamantha Pearson in São Paulo

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    ‘Dysfunctional’ UK regulator failed in its duty, say MPs

    The Financial Conduct Authority is a “dysfunctional” institution with failings serious enough to require special measures,Caroline Binham, Financial Regulation Correspondent

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    Betterways to boost eurozone economy and employment

    Sir, The European Central Bank forecasts unemployment in the eurozone to remain at 10 per cent even after €1.1tn of

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    Value in French lessons on scale and productivity

    Sir, I am not an emeritus professor so maybe I am not smart enough to understand Nick Bosanquet’s arguments about French

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    Cameron pledge offers constitutional opportunity

    Sir, David Cameron’s off-the-cuff remarks on when to hand back his ticket to the electorate offers a good opportunity for

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    Macmillan saw handover of power as an ‘act of God’

    Sir, Harold Macmillan, the former UK prime minister, did not resign “in panic, having been told he had cancer”, as Matthew

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    Rising costs of healthcare remain a front line issue

    Sir, I read the article by John Kay (Comment, March 25) with approval and interest, especially his last two paragraphs about

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    The euro is to blame for the eurozone’s ills

    Sir, Your leader (March 25) rightly describes Europe (though you should have said the eurozone) as a “waiting room thronging

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    Greece has experience of a troubled currency union

    Sir, I read with great interest your article concerning Greece’s desire to receive reparations from Germany for the

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