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    Regulators aim to learn lessons from Lehman Brothers collapse

    Global panic sparked by the collapse of Lehman Brothers showed regulators that they needed co-ordinated, cross-border plansGina Chon in Washington

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    Canada’s TMX acts on predatory HFTs

    The operator of Canada’s largest stock exchange plans to introduce a series of measures to discourage predatory high-speedPhilip Stafford

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    Tunisian faith in democracy fades ahead of election

    Pointing to a large poster printed with a red Tunisian flag framing pictures of eight young men killed during the 2011Heba Saleh in Tunis

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    Isis sells smuggled oil to Turkey and Iraqi Kurds says US Treasury

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) is earning as much as $1m a day through the sale of oil to some of itsSam Jones in London, Piotr Zalewski in Istanbul and Erika Solomon in Beirut

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    Warning over pension tax loophole

    MPs have pressed the government to back its claims that a tax loophole created by pension reforms will not lead to a largeBy Josephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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    Commodities: A partial pump primer

    Few economic forces are more important than commodity prices. When they rise they transfer riches and power from consumersBy Chris Giles

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    HSBC employees in NY allege retaliation

    Two HSBC investment bank employees have sued the group, claiming they suffered retaliation after they reported allegationsTom Braithwaite and Kara Scannell in New York

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    EU tells Britain to pay extra €2.1bn

    Britain has been told to pay an extra €2.1bn to the EU budget within weeks on account of its relative prosperity, a heftyAlex Barker in Brussels and George Parker in London

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    Jean-Claude Juncker plays with future of EU-US trade deal

    Jean-Claude Juncker has secured parliamentary support for his European Commission, but the president has sent an odd signal

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    Tesco chooses to wait before setting out stall

    ...ventures have included chairing Figleaves.com, the online lingerie emporium. During his tenure the company was sold to N Brown for £11.5m. 2. Richard Cousins Following his elevation to Tesco’s board as a non-executive director earlier...Andrea Felsted, Senior Retail Correspondent

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