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    Hong Kong student demo

    Anthony Kwan/Getty Images A rally at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Monday saw thousands of students from more than Jamie Han

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    How to apply for an MBA

    Thousands of students apply for an MBA each year but often struggle with the complex and lengthy process this involves: the Compiled by Charlotte Clarke

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    Ed Balls’s deficit hawkishness fails to impress

    Ed Balls wanted to sound tough at the Labour party conference, talking about “balancing the books”, cutting ministerial pay By Chris Giles, Economics Editor

  1. FT Photo Diary



    Asian Games

    Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters Taiwan’s Lin Tseng Nung competes in the vault event of the women’s team final gymnastics competition at Chris Batson

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    Persuasion guru Robert Cialdini’s advice for time-pressed executives

    Robert Cialdini has a modest proposal. He would like businesses to carve out a new role of chief persuasion officer – or CPO By Emma Jacobs

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    UK agrees deal with EU on new Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

    Britain has agreed terms with Brussels to secure approval for billions of pounds of public funding for Hinkley Point, the By Alex Barker in Brussels

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    The dangerous revival of nationalism

    In 1990 Kenichi Ohmae, a management consultant, published a book called The Borderless World, whose title captured the By Gideon Rachman

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    Caffè Artigiano, Vancouver

    Where: 763 Hornby Street WiFi: No Plug sockets: One Price of an espresso: C$2.71 Open: 5:30am to 9:00pm Privacy points: 2/5 By David da Silva

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    Tesco: who knew what, and when?

    Another day, another profit warning from Tesco. The big difference is that this time it is the dreaded “accounting issues” Oliver Ralph

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Iran marks 1980 Iraq invasion

    Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA Iranian soldiers mark the Iraqi invasion in 1980, which led to an eight-year war (1980-1988), during Annabel Cook

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    September 22, 2014

    Providing institutional access to illiquid markets

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    September 22, 2014

    Former president to fight rise of National Front

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