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    Lone Star to create £1bn UK hotel group

    Lone Star, the Dallas-based private equity group, will bring together 89 UK hotels to form a £1bn company, Amaris, which itMalcolm Moore in London

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    Holder: big penalties changed bank culture

    Eric Holder, the former US attorney-general who oversaw the biggest post-crisis financial investigations in history, saidLindsay Fortado

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    KKR hires ex-Bolloré Group executive to head push into Africa

    KKR appointed the former chief executive of Africa’s biggest ports and logistics network as a senior adviser, in a sign theJoseph Cotterill, Private Equity Correspondent

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    UK finance chiefs ‘shrug off’ European fears

    Never mind “Grexit” — the finance chiefs of some of Britain’s biggest companies are planning to expand and take more riskSarah O’Connor, Employment Correspondent

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    UK bankers call for Budget rethink on levy

    Banks have intensified their calls for George Osborne, the UK chancellor, to give them a break on the bank levy in thisMartin Arnold

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    UK flood fund in £2.1bn reinsurance deal

    The new government-backed flood subsidy fund is preparing to make one of the world’s largest purchases of catastropheAlistair Gray, Insurance Correspondent

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    Women in Business — Eisha Armstrong

    Eisha Armstrong is an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School. She now advises chief financial officers on talent, overheadCharlotte Clarke

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    Scholarships pave way to elite programmes

    Studying for an MBA is a huge financial commitment, but to alleviate some of the pressure, there are an increasing number ofWai Kwen Chan

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    Admissions teams innovate to find ideal candidates

    Like many 28-year-olds, Nika Stelman admits to being an avid WhatsApp user, keeping in touch with family and friends viaJonathan Moules

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    The legendary distance runner who ran twice round Manhattan Island

    Sir, As a keen long-distance runner I appreciate Gary Rawlinson’s reminiscences of his marathon training (Letters, July 1),

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