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    Google overhauls search rankings for mobiles

    Google will this week overhaul the way its search engine recommends websites on mobiles, an algorithmic shift that is likelyRobert Cookson, Digital Media Correspondent

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    Dollar’s rise casts shadow on US earnings

    A surging dollar is expected to hit some of the largest US multinationals this week, as more than a fifth of S&P 500By Nicole Bullock in New York and Eric Platt and Roger Blitz in London

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    Cyber security funding tops $1bn after high-profile attacks

    Cyber security start-ups raised more than $1bn for the first time in a single quarter as investors bet on them benefitingHannah Kuchler

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    UK bank shareholders want end to bonuses based on adjusted earnings

    Big shareholders in UK banks want lenders to stop paying bonuses based on adjusted earnings that exclude fines,Martin Arnold and David Oakley

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    Weighing up four theories on the UK’s productivity gap

    Theories abound over the causes of the UK’s slump in productivity since the financial crisis; here are four explanations. ItFerdinando Giugliano, Economics Correspondent

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    Hacker-fighting prowess on show at cyber security conference

    When cyber security start-ups set out their stalls at the industry‘s largest annual conference on Monday, they will beHannah Kuchler in San Francisco

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    Brussels plans to shake up telecoms market

    Brussels will call for a “level playing field” between telecoms groups and online rivals such as WhatsApp and Skype nextDaniel Thomas in London and Duncan Robinson in Brussels

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    French foreign minister criticises Putin for lifting Iranian ban

    France’s foreign minister has warned that Russia’s decision to supply anti-missile weapons to Iran will strengthenAnne-Sylvaine Chassany and Alex Barker in Paris

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    Rothsay Life gears up for a potential £3bn IPO

    Construction workers are still putting the finishing touches on the Leadenhall Building, the City of London high-riseAlistair Gray, Insurance Correspondent

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    UK’s collective innumeracy adds up to a big problem

    For a huckster in possession of a 2p piece, there is merriment and money to be made in the corridors of Westminster. FewerAnjana Ahuja

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