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    Caterham F1 carmaker goes into administration

    The maker of the Caterham Formula One car has fallen into administration, threatening the future of the racing franchise.By Andy Sharman, Motor Industry Correspondent

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    Abe has no easy fix for Japan’s economic woes

    Two years into Shinzo Abe’s vaunted programme to revive Japan’s economy, the outlook has turned bleak. The prime minister’s

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    France and Germany paper over budget cracks

    The French and German finance and economy ministers on Monday pledged to revive the stagnant eurozone economy by boostingStefan Wagstyl

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    Cameron takes Britain closer to the exit door

    If David Cameron wins next year’s general election he has promised to hold an in-out referendum on whether Britain should

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    BoE red-faced by payments crash

    The Bank of England regularly stages “war games” to prepare for cyber attacks and possible failures of commercial banks,Chris Giles, Economics Editor

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    Vincent Bolloré turns to Havas as he repositions his group

    In 2004, having built a 22 per cent stake in Havas, Vincent Bolloré emerged from an 11-month battle at the FrenchAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Areva chief steps down citing ill health

    The chief executive of French nuclear group Areva has announced plans to step down due to health concerns after months ofMichael Stothard in Paris

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    Eurosceptics and Ukip set trap for Cameron on migrants pledge

    Urged by members of his own Conservative party to curb immigration and harried by the anti-EU UK Independence party, DavidGeorge Parker, Political Editor

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    Greene King offer for Spirit shows pub groups’ resilient nature

    Rising beer duties, the smoking ban, changes in drinking habits and chronic debt – all have contributed to thousands of pubRoger Blitz and Kadhim Shubber

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    SAP: dull enough?

    Let us now praise boring companies, and the business models that beget them. We praise their size, their barriers to entry,

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