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    Away with economic quackery – capitalism requires capital

    Sir, Martin Wolf, in his article “Radical cures for unusual economics ills” (November 26), suggests an abandonment of free

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    It is time to talk about raising the spending class’s wages

    Sir, In “Radical cures for unusual economic ills” (November 26), Martin Wolf writes: “The alternative [to chronic demand

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    Oil sands may have no place after 2015

    Sir, Your editorial on the Keystone pipeline (November 25) seriously misconstrues the issues regarding Canada’s oil sands

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    Keystone project fails carbon pollution test

    Sir, As your editorial notes (“Barack Obama should unblock the Keystone pipeline”, November 25), if built, Keystone XL will

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    Take the emotion out of the ISDS debate

    Sir, The international business community is extremely concerned about the negative tone, and the lack of balance, in the

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    Pope Francis’s remarks were misogynistic

    Sir, Pope Francis likens an economically and ideologically declining Europe to a barren grandmother (“Papal warning: Europe

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    Been there, done that

    Sir, There is precedent for a federation in which monetary policy is centralised but fiscal powers are devolved to the

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    Correction: Singapore’s Independence

    • Singapore gained independence from Britain in 1963, not 1965 as incorrectly stated in an article on 27th November. The

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    Mexico to reform police and justice systems

    Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto announced a 10-point plan of police and justice reforms on Thursday that was spurredJude Webber in Mexico City

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    UK’s pro-EU business lobby chief quits

    Alisdair McIntosh, director of Britain’s pro-EU business lobby group Business for New Europe, is to leave his job after lessSarah Gordon, Business Editor

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