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    Camera drones: no-frills flying eyes

    Last year it was big news that consumers could buy sophisticated camera drones for less than $1,000. But for anyone worryingTim Bradshaw

  2. NEW


    Japanese unions and employers clash over best way to raise pay

    A split between Japan’s unions and employers on how to raise pay has merged as the main issue at the start of wage talksRobin Harding and Kana Inagaki in Tokyo

  3. NEW


    Commodities explained: Cost curves

    As bulk and base commodities continue to fall because of rising supplies and weak demand, investors are trying to make senseNeil Hume, Commodities Editor

  1. FT Alphaville



    About that UK economic track record

    Always something of a subjective question, Simon Wren-Lewis, economics professor at Oxford, has had a go at putting theDan McCrum

  2. NEW


    Ford earnings beat estimates

    A rampant US car market and rising demand in Asia bolstered Ford’s full-year earnings but failed to hide the reversals beingAndy Sharman, Motor Industry Correspondent

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    It’s the season for a stronger yen

    It’s the end of the week and time for an important piece of US jobs data. No, not the non-farm payrolls report due onJamie Chisholm

  4. FT Photo Diary



    Battleground prayers

    Rebel fighters pray beside the al-Sayyad hill bordering the town of Morek in the northern countryside of Hama in Syria Jamie Han

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    Equities slide, Amazon desktop delivery and sexism in Silicon Valley

    Stock markets are in a sour mood as investors infer that the US Federal Reserve remains on course to start raising interestAmie Tsang and Fiona Symon

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    Business Insider and Mashable raise more than $40m

    News websites Business Insider and Mashable have separately received more than $40m in venture financing, signalling theHenry Mance, Media Correspondent

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    ConocoPhillips’ interim earnings fall 57% amid oil rout

    Plunging crude prices caused a 57 per cent drop in ConocoPhillips’ underlying earnings for the fourth quarter of last year,Ed Crooks in New York

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