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    Tesla drives towards boundaries with Roadster retrofit

    Tesla Motors claimed an extra edge in its already sizeable range advantage over other electric car companies on Friday, withRichard Waters in San Francisco

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    Amazon adds 10m Prime members

    Amazon, the online retailer, said that it had added more than 10m users during the holiday period to its Prime service. TheSarah Mishkin in San Francisco

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    Oil price, climate change and global economy

    Sir, Your editorial “A falling oil price is good for the world economy” (December 20) is another of many commentaries that

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    Pip meets Magwitch on the marshes of Kent

    Sir, The usually perceptive and illuminating Harry Eyres could have boned up a bit on his geography (“Winter as a

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    Thank you for the irony

    Sir, I read the Financial Times for many reasons: its excellent writing, its fine and knowledgeable reportage with the width

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    Never any truce between the French and Germans

    Sir, A rather romantic, not to say simplistic and naive, view is being taken of the 1914 Christmas truce between the British

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    So fare-dodging is OK as long as you’re poor

    Sir, I find many of the sentiments expressed about the Jonathan Burrows case rather sanctimonious (“Why there can be no room

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    There was no such invasion

    Sir, Barry Humphries is surprised that there wasn’t a wreath at Gough Whitlam’s funeral from the “Soviet veterans who in the

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    Is it any wonder that the spectator is moved by a great work of art?

    Sir, In Rachel Spence’s excellent article “Holy images and pretty pictures” (Life & Arts, December 20), she seems to

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    We must not allow hope to give way to despair

    Sir, Robin Lane Fox concludes his column “Sowing seeds for Paradise” (House & Home, December 20) with “ those Christian old

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