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    Violent protests erupt in Baltimore over prisoner death

    Violent clashes erupted between police and protesters in Baltimore on Monday following the funeral of a young black manDemetri Sevastopulo and Gina Chon in Washington

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    Czech finance minister rules out early entry into eurozone

    The Czech Republic’s finance minister has ruled out any plans for the country to adopt the euro until at least 2018, drawingBy Henry Foy in Prague

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    Cameron fires himself up amid complaints of a lacklustre campaign

    Pumped-up, jacketless and red-faced, David Cameron tore up his cautious campaign plan and shouted himself hoarse as heElizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    Apple returns $200bn in cash to investors as iPhone sales boom

    Apple’s stock hit a new all-time high after it once again beat Wall Street’s forecasts for revenues, earnings and iPhoneTim Bradshaw in San Francisco

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    Google turns on the charm in Europe

    Google needs more friends in Europe. That message was brought home with a vengeance earlier this month when the EuropeanRichard Waters in London

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    Google considers shake-up of News service

    Google is considering significant changes to its controversial Google News service to aid publishers that have beenRichard Waters in London

  4. 2 hours ago

    Hedge funds short UK asset managers

    Hedge funds have taken out multimillion-pound bets against the shares of some of the UK’s largest assets managers, wageringMiles Johnson and David Oakley

  5. FT Photo Diary

    2 hours ago

    Against the wall

    British former police officer Swasie Turner abseils for charity in a wheelchair down the fortification bastions of Valletta,Chris Batson

  6. 3 hours ago

    Election promises under fire for boosting housing demand not supply

    Britain’s dysfunctional housing market is riding high on the political agenda, with parties responding to voters’ concernKate Allen and Jim Pickard

  7. 3 hours ago

    Chile: Copper bottomed

    Black flags hang from the doors of the one-storey red brick houses in Caimanes, a village that lies in the hills north ofHenry Sanderson

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