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    Lightning strikes offer best way to keep banks honest

    The Greeks never knew when Zeus’s angry lightning would strike. Banks have somewhat more warning about enforcement actionsBrooke Masters

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    FT Weekend 30: Lucy Kellaway recalls her first-ever column

    In early May 1985, I sat at a cast iron typewriter in a room heavy with cigarette smoke to bang out my first column for theLucy Kellaway

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    FT Weekend 30: Paul Killik on Sid, stagging and the Big Bang

    This week, deflation arrived in Britain for the first time since the 1960s. Back in the 1980s, its reverse — inflation — wasJonathan Eley

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    Trinity Mirror considers changing tack after record payouts

    Its journalists were never accused of hacking Milly Dowler’s phone, and its executives were not hauled over the coals byHenry Mance and Jane Croft

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    FT Weekend 30: Thirty years of FT Money

    Back in 1985, London’s Docklands — illustrated below in the first-ever FT Weekend masthead — epitomised an industrialBy Lucy Warwick-Ching

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    Wine trade chases shrinking profits as UK drinks less

    At first sight, the big crowds at this week’s London Wine Fair were evidence of an industry in high spirits. But despite theKadhim Shubber

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    Li Hejun, a solar billionaire feels the heat

    When rich list compilers wade through the holdings of China’s wealthiest men they encounter two types of billionaires: thoseLucy Hornby

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    FT archive: When bloodletting leads to a moral experience

    Some say that cutting meat from one’s diet induces a more pacific temperament. I have a parallel theory for the cinema. WhatNigel Andrews

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    The case that dragged bankers into the Snapchat generation

    Can billion-dollar fines and felony charges bring cultural change in finance? Or do they just remind the banking industryDaniel Davies

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    UK productivity problem is not so puzzling

    For a UK fund, currency matters. As an investor, I am relieved that I saw dollar weakness coming, and put 11 per cent of myJohn Redwood

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