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    Siemens nears deal for US oil services group Dresser-Rand

    Siemens is nearing the acquisition of US oilfield equipment-maker Dresser-Rand in a deal that would substantially increase By Ed Hammond in New York

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    Outstanding content, but please change your mind

    Sir, I would wager that if you were to put on one page the same article in the old font and in the new one, 80 per cent of

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    A‘racy’ appearance for some, and a difficult read for others

    Sir, The new look for the Financial Times is great. It gives the paper a more “racy” appearance. As I travel a lot, I pick

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    New look’s bizzare! What were you thinking?

    Sir, I subscribe to and read three hard copy newspapers every day: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and your

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    New layout allows us to see clearly

    Sir, They say that successful architecture is as much about the space around the buildings as the buildings themselves. The

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    New look, recycled crossword

    Sir, Congratulations on the new typeface, wider column measure and redesigned graphics. With all this change and excitement

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    The print is so small I can hardly read it

    Sir, I’m getting used to your new presentation – I like it. But what I don’t like is the share prices used to be the

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    A clutter-free, information dense look sets FT apart

    Sir, Many who work in technology (myself included) are immersed in digital information professionally, but remain personally

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    The FT is much easier to read now

    Sir, Wow – just three letters after reading last Monday’s FT. Separating the mess [of words] from the message is so much

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    Please go back to the original layout and font

    Sir, You have the best newspaper in the world. Unfortunately your type has become so small that I need a microscope to read

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