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    Turkey’s Bank Asya dented by Erdogan call

    Shares in Bank Asya plummeted by nearly 20 per cent on Tuesday, reaching a new low, after Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Piotr Zalewski – Istanbul

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    Stalled internship

    I’m on an internship at a start-up accelerator of a big German company, but two months in I have nothing to do. I’m meant to By Lucy Kellaway

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    Moscovici will monitor EU budgets while facing his own scrutiny

    If Pierre Moscovici harbours any resentment for the intense campaign waged by the German government against his candidacy By Peter Spiegel in Brussels

  1. FT Alphaville



    Changes in the US regional income distribution

    The US Census Bureau has just released its latest data on median incomes by state, which can be found here in table H-8. We Matthew C Klein

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    Tying up the internet

    In January some users of Bookmate, a Moscow internet start-up, had an unpleasant surprise. When they tried to access the By FT reporters

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    Barnett formula pledges risk provoking English backlash

    News that Scottish voters have been pledged a continuation of the Barnett formula – a funding mechanism already widely By Chris Tighe

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    Russian oligarch Yevtushenkov placed under house arrest

    Vladimir Yevtushenkov, one of Russia’s richest men, has been placed under house arrest on charges of money laundering in a By Courtney Weaver in Moscow

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    Lenders hit at ECB over secrecy agreements

    The European Central Bank has come under fire from banks after asking them to sign secrecy agreements ahead of the results By Alice Ross in Frankfurt

  6. FT Photo Diary




    Victor Moriyama/Getty Images Residents of the building occupied by FLM (Front Fight for Housing) are held by police during Jamie Han

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    N Brown shares slump amid sharp decline in sales

    Shares in N Brown, the plus-size online and catalogue...more profitable, season. Angela Spindler, N Brown’s chief executive, stressed there was no change...accounts for 58 per cent of sales. Shares in N Brown fell by nearly 5 per cent on Tuesday to... By Claer Barrett

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