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    Growing insecurity in Mali tests France’s Sahel task force

    It is a cold statistic that speaks of the increasing instability of one of the hottest regions of the world, the semi-desertJavier Blas, Africa Editor

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    Net UK migration surges 43 per cent

    Net migration to the UK has surged to 260,000 -- a 43 per cent increase over the past year, driven by a sharp rise inHelen Warrell

  3. Balancing the needs of ordinary Singaporeans and big business...
    November 27, 2014



    Future of Singapore

    Balancing the needs of ordinary Singaporeans and big business is the crucial question for the city state as it approaches5m 13secs

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    Scotland to get new tax and welfare powers

    Scottish ministers will get the power to set income tax rates and bands, as well as significant controls over welfareKiran Stacey and Mure Dickie

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    African Barrick changes name and expands

    Barrick Gold’s UK-listed spin-off has set out expansion plans to try to extend a turnround that has seen it cut costs andJames Wilson

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    Cricket world mourns Phillip Hughes’ death

    Phillip Hughes dies from cricket injury The Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes died in a Sydney hospital today, two daysMatthew Engel

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    Oil price slide leaves energy bond investors facing zero returns

    Slumping oil prices have left investors holding lower-quality energy bonds facing zero returns for the year and a risingMichael Mackenzie and Tracy Alloway in New York

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    Rémy Cointreau profit falls as China gives up gifts

    Rémy Cointreau’s heavy exposure to a slowing Chinese market and a continuing reliance on cognac sales have harmed itsAdam Thomson in Paris

  6. FT Alphaville



    The graphic Juncker

    That clickable to enlarge chart (which allowed us to experiment with our shiny new anti-clickbait header format) is from ECDavid Keohane

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    Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes passes away

    Cricket Australia holds a news conference following the death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes.1m 14secs

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