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    Scotland’s Herald and Times trial pro-independence newspaper

    An international media group is testing the commitment of Scottish nationalists with the trial launch of what will be theMure Dickie in Glasgow

  2. NEW


    DPD seeks to put Royal Mail under further pressure with hiring

    One of Royal Mail’s biggest competitors is planning a 22 per cent increase in headcount as it predicts an eretailing-ledGill Plimmer

  3. NEW


    Israel presses on with Jewish state law

    Israel’s rightwing government on Sunday pushed forward with a law defining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people,By John Reed in Jerusalem

  1. NEW


    Carlsen retains World Chess crown

    Magnus Carlsen retained his world chess champion crown after beating Viswanathan Anand of India in a tense and closelyAdam Thomson in Paris

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    Oil markets: A new chapter for Opec?

    At the last meeting of Opec nations Ali al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister, dashed in and out of Vienna in just a few hours.Anjli Raval and Neil Hume

  3. MBA blog



    Practicing my pitch

      The last few weeks have been a blur, but one relatively common theme has been pitching, either to people, companies orMichael Wieder, Imperial Business School

  4. NEW


    Huawei aims to turbocharge design of self-driving vehicles

    Huawei Technologies is designing the communications architecture for a new generation of “autonomous” cars that will beCharles Clover in Shanghai

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    Terra Firma appoints adviser to consider Four Seasons’ future

    Terra Firma, Guy Hands’ private equity firm, has appointed Blackstone to advise on options for Four Seasons Health CareAnne-Sylvaine Chassany

  6. NEW


    World’s most advanced hacking spyware let loose

    A cyber snooping operation reminiscent of the Stuxnet worm and billed as the world’s most sophisticated computer malware isSam Jones in Vienna and Hannah Kuchler in San Francisco

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    Graphene investors take a bite at the market

    Graphene, the wonder material discovered a decade ago, could soon be used in false teeth as it emerges out of the lab andAndrew Bounds, North of England correspondent

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