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    Etsy: the long tail

    Are you looking for the perfect canine Halloween costume? Perhaps Fido will dress up as Yoda, or maybe a dinosaur. Fear not,

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    Britain fails to promote female spies

    Britain’s secret services are recruiting more women as agents than ever before but are failing to promote them to seniorSam Jones, Defence and Security Editor

  3. NEW


    Hard Currency: How low can the euro go?

    As the euro once again touches new lows against the dollar, Roger Blitz discusses the resumption of euro-funded carry trade10m 30secs

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    Hanergy: day in the sunshine

    Commodity cycles. We have all seen them. High returns and low barriers to entry suck in lots of players, profits fall, no

  2. FT Photo Diary



    High wire act

    An acrobat crosses a tightrope with his knees over the Wanda Plaza in Taiyuan, Shanxi province. Chris Batson

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    Working lives: How to survive in the book trade

    David Prescott, CEO of the UK bookshop Blackwells, tells Emma Jacobs about the ups and downs of life in the book trade 8m 49secs

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    Blackwell’s David Prescott weathers the storm in a bookshop

    Walking around the labyrinthine 25,000 sq ft Blackwell’s bookshop in the heart of Oxford, David Prescott has to restrainEmma Jacobs

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    Abbvie/Pharmacyclics: pay to play

    At this price, everything has to go perfectly. AbbVie has nosed out Johnson and Johnson, among other bidders, for

  6. NEW


    Cyber security rules raise fears of digital protectionism

    Talk of protectionism once meant bemoaning barriers being erected in far-off lands for offcuts of beef or steel rods, but inShawn Donnan, World Trade Editor

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    Australian mining slowdown hits Aggreko

    The slowdown in the Australian mining sector dragged down the profits of global power rental group Aggreko in 2014,Aimee Keane

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