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    Attention turns to Purchasing Managers’ Indices this week

    Survey data take the forefront over the coming week with the first estimates for September’s purchasing manager’s indices By Andrew Whiffin

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    Axa joins IFC in developing markets insurance push

    Axa is to partner with the private investment arm of the World Bank in what is set to be the most wide-ranging By Michael Stothard in Paris

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    Barclays adds to its ‘green’ portfolio with £1m bonds investment

    Barclays is to invest more than £1bn in green bonds to finance environmentally friendly projects, representing one of the By Emma Dunkley

  1. beyondbrics



    Guest post: the Pacific Alliance is Latin American collaboration at its best

    By Jorge Rosenblut of Endesa In the mid 19th century, Horace Greeley urged his countrymen to explore new horizons with his guest writer

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    Economists divided over benefits of minimum wage

    Does a minimum wage help or hinder workers? It is a question that has bedevilled economists and divided politicians since By Andrew Ward

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    LME opens first clearing house in its 137-year history

    The London Metal Exchange will open the first clearing house of its 137-year old history on Monday, with the £50m project By Philip Stafford

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    Hill prepares for Brussels’ baiting

    Confirmation hearings for EU commissioners are the closest Brussels comes to blood sport, and this time around few nominees By Alex Barker in Strasbourg

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    S Korea’s private equity groups face tough sell

    For private equity groups the world over, the basic business model is to buy an asset, increase its value in the space of a By Song Jung-a in Seoul

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    Calls to end national insurance tax subsidy for self-employed

    A hidden tax subsidy for the self-employed has risen by two-thirds to £2.9bn over the past two years, sparking calls for a By Vanessa Houlder

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    Miliband open to greater role for English MPs on English matters

    Ed Miliband has signalled that he would consider giving English MPs a greater role in scrutinising legislation affecting By Jim Pickard and Elizabeth Rigby

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