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    Cocktails: winter drinks

    Cherry wine cocktail, hot rum toddy apples, quick raspberry liqueur, sloe satsuma punch, whisky pressé, cacao vodka ScrollJared Brown

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    FT Masterclass: Cheese and wine pairing with Francis Percival

    Cheese should not be breakfast. Nor should champagne, Chablis, sherry, Sauternes or vintage port. But at Christmas (orNatalie Whittle

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    Recipe: salsify and Parma ham rolls and oyster buns

    The business of culinary plagiarism seems to have raised its head again. A few weeks ago somebody kindly tweeted that a NewRowley Leigh

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    Food classes: an edible education

    Meat School British charcutier Cannon & Cannon launches its very own meat curriculum early next year, in a purpose-builtNatalie Whittle

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    Christmas red wines

    This first of two collections of seriously stunning wines highlights 20 of the finest reds to have spread themselves acrossJancis Robinson

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    From Glasgow to Shangri-La: the meals that made my year

    Towards the end of lunch with Jesus Adorno, the genial face of Mayfair’s Le Caprice for more than 30 years (and director ofNicholas Lander

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    The taste test: chocolate coins and seasonal lattes

    Chocolate coins In the chocolate coin world there was shock news this autumn: Cadbury had discontinued its traditionalPeter Bazalgette

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    Gourmet pub recipes

    Cold weather and crackling pub fires belong together in the British psyche. As Dr Johnson observed in a letter to Boswell,

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    The history cook: Food of Christmas past

    History Cook’s Christmas It is a cold and misty November morning in the Lake District, and I am standing in a 17th-centuryPolly Russell

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Black Friday scuffle

    Shoppers wrestle over a television as they compete to purchase retail items on “Black Friday” at an Asda superstore inChris Batson

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