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    Petrobras releases results delayed by corruption scandal

    Petrobras has released its delayed third-quarter results but failed to agree on how much has been stolen from the BrazilianSamantha Pearson in São Paulo

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    Free Lunch: Radicals in Greece and beyond

    While waiting for the Federal Reserve's statement today, here are five things to watch. New Greeks on the block Greece's newMartin Sandbu

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    Experian tops FTSE 100 on capital return plan

    Credit checking consultant Experian topped the FTSE 100 on Wednesday after it announced a $600m share repurchase plan andMichael Hunter

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    Uncertainty on oil unsettles investors

    Lower energy prices continue to reverberate across markets. There is a pass-through effect on confidence as investors debateRichard Madigan

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    Tsipras talks tough over Greek bailout terms

    Greece’s new prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, said his government would refuse to give in to international pressure over itsKerin Hope in Athens and John Aglionby and Elaine Moore in London

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    Cyber security accelerator programme launches in London

    Europe’s first business accelerator programme focused on cyber security has been launched in London, with backers aiming toRavi Mattu

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    Egypt on a mission to restore confidence in its economy

    Egypt will push ahead with plans to phase out a costly energy subsidy, the country’s finance minister says, as Cairo seeksHeba Saleh in Cairo

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    Apple’s record profit, Yahoo’s spin off and ATM bombers

    Apple sold 74.5m iPhones to report the largest profit in history in the three months to December. Its net profit grew 37 perAmie Tsang

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    The digi-teens: the next generation switches on

    For generations, it seems as if employers have been complaining that the latest batches of university and school leavers areAdam Jezard

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    Writers serve up poetic justice to the office mentor

    Your responses to the topic of mentors suggest you regard them more fondly than your bosses. The top pick this week by judge

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    Wall Street had a bad day driven by disappointing earnings

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    January 27, 2015

    James Mackintosh on Greek myths – and market reality

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