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    My towers good, anyone else’s towers bad

    Sir, Peter Rees (“Reflections on a new ‘powerhouse’ ”, House & Home, October 25) deplores the tower blocks along the South

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    August fails to register for the French

    Sir, Hugh Carnegy’s dry cleaning travails rang a bell (“A quick skate through Paris”, Expat Lives, House & Home October 25).

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    Lives saved by Vatican’s own ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’

    Sir, Gillian Tett, in ‘Respect for quiet heroes of wartime Italy” (October 18) describes how ordinary Italians, including

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    Google looks beyond search for growth

    Google is in danger of hitting the invisible ceiling that limits growth at all big companies as it attacks giant new marketsRichard Waters in San Francisco

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    Correction: Royal Mail chief executive’s name

    • The former chief executive of Royal Mail is Adam Crozier, not Alan Crozier, as wrongly stated in an FT Weekend Magazine

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    Chomsky happens to think highly of the FT

    Sir, Lucy Kellaway might have done well to inform Russell Brand that Noam Chomsky, who appeared in the edition of the New

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    EU steps up trade fight with Brazil over local content rules

    The European Union has escalated a dispute with Brazil over the country’s local content programmes in the auto and otherJoe Leahy in São Paulo

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    Jefferies chiefs take drug tests to refute allegations

    Jefferies’ chief executive and chairman said on Friday that they and several colleagues had taken drug tests to fightTom Braithwaite and Ed Hammond in New York

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    BoJ stimulus boosts dollar and sends S&P 500 to new record

    The Bank of Japan stunned global markets on Friday and sent the dollar soaring as it unexpectedly expanded its stimulusMichael Mackenzie in New York, Ben McLannahan in Tokyo and Robin Wigglesworth in London

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    Brussels bill not out of control, says UK Treasury

    Britain’s contributions to the EU were not much higher last year than had been expected, the government insisted on Friday,Chris Giles, Economics Editor

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