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    Debt issued by European companies heads for post-crisis high

    The amount of new debt – bonds and loans – issued by European companies is heading for a post-crisis high this year,Andrew Bolger

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    Nest floats plans to offer pension products

    Nest, the state-backed workplace pensions scheme, could further compete with private providers as it floats plans to offerJosephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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    Shift in UK poverty trends catches younger, working families

    The face of British poverty has been transformed over the past decade, with low income now being characterised more byChris Giles, Economics Editor

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    UK business groups call for rates reform and better roads

    Top priorities for UK business in next week’s Autumn Statement are the reform of business rates and road improvements.Sarah Gordon, Business Editor

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    Public sector urged to back innovators as funding falls

    Government departments must get better at promoting innovation amid falling spending on research and development, accordingSarah Gordon, Business Editor

  3. 3 hours ago

    High hopes for graphene

    Graphene, the one-atom thick layer of carbon, was first isolated at Manchester university. Forecasts were made that the5m 13secs

  4. 3 hours ago

    Women in Business: Anne Kiem

    Anne Kiem is chief executive of the Association of Business Schools. She aims to improve the growth of business and theCharlotte Clarke

  5. 3 hours ago

    How the Irish MBA market is set to expand

    When Trinity College Dublin was planning the construction of its Berkeley Library in 1959, fundraisers made a beeline forVincent Boland

  6. 3 hours ago

    The Academic Week Ahead

    Monday – Nov 24 Consider an MBA The admissions team at MIT Sloan School of Management in the US is running an MBA onlineCompiled by Charlotte Clarke

  7. 3 hours ago

    Technology brings choice to MBA students

    There can be few things more frustrating than investing $100,000 on an MBA degree, only to discover that the class youDella Bradshaw

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