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    BP chief executive got 25% pay rise even as profits fell

    Bob Dudley, chief executive of BP, received a 25 per cent rise in total pay and bonuses last year, in spite of deterioratingChristopher Adams, Energy Editor

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    Edathy outcome in child porn case ‘sends dangerous signal’

    A court case in which a prominent politician has settled child pornography charges with a €5,000 charitable donation hasBy Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin

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    Sniff out the truth on migration data

    I hesitated before deciding to contribute to the crowdfunding efforts of the Full Frontal Nerdity DVD (a show combiningLisa Pollack

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    S&N dives as Stryker hopes fade

    ...Stryker, which examined a bid for S&N last year, said it was seeking authorisation...Investors had grown hopeful of a move on S&N after the US group spent just $100m on buybacks...s authorisation does not prevent an S&N deal but does signal that it may be less interested...Bryce Elder

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    Investors snap up Icelandic bank bond

    Investors have snapped up the first benchmark bond issued by an Icelandic bank in euros since the country’s financialJoel Lewin, London

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    In defence of eyebrows and cosy fireside chats at BoE

    The Bank of England bears more economic responsibility than any other UK institution. Charged with keeping macroeconomic

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    HP: trying to win

    Managers at HP are encouraged to read Playing to Win, a management bestseller containing koans such as “What matters is

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    Climate change warning catches investors off guard

    Political shifts often catch investors unawares. Few had expected the Bank of England’s warning on Tuesday that long-runJames Mackintosh

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    Mackintosh Architecture, Riba, London — review

    There was a moment when it looked as if the firefighters had the flames under control. The blaze that had broken out inEdwin Heathcote

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    Renato Guttuso: Painter of Modern Life, The Estorick Collection, London — review

    Renato Guttuso is one of the most tantalising Italian painters of the 20th century. He was a lifelong communist who lovedRachel Spence

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