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    For markets there is such a thing as too much information

    Two very different companies made significant announcements last week. National Grid, the UK utility company, said it wouldPhilip Augar

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    Capitalism has broken free of the shackles of democracy

    To whom will monuments be built a century from now? Among them, perhaps, will be Lee Kuan Yew. He will be remembered notSlavoj Zizek

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    Barack Obama plans to tax overseas cash piles

    President Barack Obama will propose raising $238bn by levying a one-off tax on the cash piles held by US companies overseasMegan Murphy, Vanessa Houlder and Sam Fleming

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    Institute of Directors chief warns of growing anti-corporate mood

    A senior business figure has warned about a growing anti-corporate mood in British politics in the run-up to the generalJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    Presidential coup returns Florentine swagger to Matteo Renzi

    Operation “Mattarella” could not have gone any better for Matteo Renzi, Italy’s youthful, reform-minded, centre-left primeJames Politi in Rome

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    Warren Buffett: Know when to hold ’em

    Investors awaiting Warren Buffett’s annual letter will get three for the price of one this year. The founder of BerkshireStephen Foley

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    Dixons Carphone to launch mobile services in the UK

    Dixons Carphone, the electrical retailer, is to launch mobile services in the UK that will also offer internet connectivityDaniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

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    Lending Club: return policy

    Clubs often thrive on an air of exclusivity. Less so Lending Club, the cheerful peer-to-peer lending platform that went

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    Bahrain strips dissidents of nationality

    Bahrain has stripped 72 citizens of their nationality, including pro-democracy Shia dissidents and militant Sunnis fightingSimeon Kerr in Dubai

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    The perils of a strong US dollar

    First things first. We are not about to replay the 1930s. The world’s big economies are not deliberately indulging inEdward Luce

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