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    A little bit of vanity is good for you

    I celebrated a significant birthday last week by going through a checklist of all the things I have still failed to achieveJo Ellison

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    Snapshot: ‘Winter Apples, Montana’ (2006), by Raymond Meeks

    After an early career as a commercial photographer that took him all over the US to photograph anonymous hotel rooms,Matthew Bremner

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    The Diary: Martin Wolf

    I dedicated my latest book (The Shifts and the Shocks: What We’ve Learned – and Have Still to Learn – from the Financial

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    Show us what you’ve got

    Galleries display only a fraction of the works in their collections. Art historian Bendor Grosvenor says it’s time they7m 7secs

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    Memo to the EU: stop gassing Ukraine

    By Samuel Greene of King’s College London Thursday’s EU-brokered Ukraine-Russia gas deal restores energy flows to Ukraine,guest writer

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    Democrats make last stand in Georgia

    Across the corridor from a branch of Foot Locker and a shop called Susan’s Wigs, the improvised polling station at the SouthGeoff Dyer in Decatur, Georgia

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    A Carter looks to a new political dynasty

    The name Carter may have become a political insult in Washington, but it is undergoing a revival in the former president’sGeoff Dyer in Atlanta

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    Snooze control: how to design a bedroom to maximise sleep

    In this high-tech age, where being up to speed with the latest gadgets is something of a status symbol, it might seem odd toSerena Tarling

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    Cambridge: entrepreneurship and academia drive real estate boom

    Many British cities struggle to reconcile population and economic growth with conservation and space. Cambridge, however,By Graham Norwood

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    Bulgarian IT worker who battled red tape to get a job in London

    Anton Chernev endured numerous rejections from the British authorities before he gave up trying to obtain a nationalLindsay Whipp

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