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    Property portals hand control to homeowners

    One of Britain’s least popular professions, the high street estate agent, is facing a shake-up as the digital revolution By Kate Allen

  2. NEW


    Rise of crowdsharing websites shakes up traditional industries

    Property is the latest industry to be swept by the cold wind of technological change thanks to the rise of crowdsharing on By Kate Allen

  3. NEW


    India poised to appoint Arvind Subramanian as economic adviser

    US-based economist Arvind Subramanian is poised to become chief economic adviser to the government of prime minister By James Crabtree in Mumbai

  1. MBA blog



    The three-country problem

    Being older than most of my colleagues on the Lancaster University MBA programme has a unique set of advantages and Niladri Gupta, Lancaster University Management School

  2. FT Alphaville



    When creative destruction becomes creative devastation

    John Komlos of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich proposes in a new paper that ‘creative destruction’ has become Izabella Kaminska

  3. NEW


    Virginia transfixed by former governor Bob McDonnell’s trial

    A few blocks from where he was sworn in as the Virginia governor just over four years ago, Bob McDonnell took the witness By Richard McGregor in Richmond, Virginia

  4. NEW


    Tony West emerges as US’s key weapon against banks

    He is the US government’s $36bn man. Tony West, an avid runner and one-time fundraiser for Barack Obama, has emerged as the By Kara Scannell in New York

  5. NEW


    Lunch with the FT: Jean Pigozzi

    A few days before my lunch appointment with Jean Pigozzi, his assistant sends over a map of Cannes harbour. “X” marks the By John Sunyer

  6. NEW


    TV networks play catch-up to Twitter in Ferguson’s rolling story

    Young African Americans in Ferguson, Missouri, harnessed a new and more visual Twitter to spread the news of the police By Hannah Kuchler in San Francisco

  7. NEW


    Letter from Lex: attraction and repulsion

    Readers, Lex is not a stockpicking column. We try to isolate key variables, suppress noise, note illuminating parallels,

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