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    David Cameron grilled on debt and immigration in first TV ‘debate’

    David Cameron was forced to defend the coalition’s failure to cut Britain’s national debts or reduce immigration as he wasJim Pickard, Chief Political Correspondent

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    UK move to join China-led bank a surprise even to Beijing

    The announcement by George Osborne, UK chancellor, on March 12 that Britain would join China’s answer to the World Bank — aJamil Anderlini in Beijing

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    Osborne overrode diplomatic fears to join China-led development bank

    George Osborne overrode strong objections from the Foreign Office when he made the decision to join China’s AsiaJamil Anderlini - Beijing and Kiran Stacey - London

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    Obama backs crackdown on payday lenders

    President Barack Obama has championed a crackdown on short-term payday lenders by a consumer watchdog that is under fireBarney Jopson in Washington

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    Conservatives kick off UK election campaign with own goal

    David Cameron’s efforts to rally his party before the general election backfired on Thursday as the prime minister endedElizabeth Rigby and Jim Pickard

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    Arm Holdings falls as hopes for smartphone demand are dashed

    A market sell-off dragged Arm Holdings to a five-week low on Thursday. UK chipmakers mirrored weakness among their US peersBryce Elder

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    Red Hat tops S&P 500 after strong quarter

    Red Hat was a best performing stock on the benchmark S&P 500 after topping fourth-quarter earnings expectations. The companyMamta Badkar in New York

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    SNB warns of ‘difficult times’ as currency move hits home

    Switzerland is facing “difficult times” and a short period of deflation following January’s abrupt unwinding of a currencyLaura Noonan in Zurich

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    Brussels plans competition probe into ecommerce sector

    Brussels plans to launch a competition probe into the tactics of large ecommerce companies to examine whether retailers areDuncan Robinson

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    Sound and fury over UK’s AIIB membership signifies very little

    Understandably, David Cameron ignored Foreign Office advice in signing the UK up to membership of the Asian Infrastructure

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