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    EU citizens living in UK to be barred from in-out plebiscite

    Downing Street has announced that EU citizens living in Britain will be barred from voting in the UK referendum on EuropeanHelen Warrell, Public Policy Correspondent

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    Catholic Church under scrutiny

    Pope Francis’s clean up of the Catholic Church’s finances is extending far beyond the walls of Vatican City. In a first for

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    Women in Business — Aniela Unguresan

    Aniela Unguresan is the co-founder of the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (Edge) Certified Foundation, a Swiss-basedCharlotte Clarke

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    Is the MBA oath still relevant?

    In the fourth instalment of an occasional series featuring two experts debating a hot topic for students, Enase Okonedo,

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    The Merchant of Venice, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK — review

    Makram J. Khoury’s smile in his early scenes sums up his interpretation of Shylock. It is broad and unstinting, but utterlyIan Shuttleworth

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    Hamlet, Barbican, London — review

    It looks, as you might expect, beautiful. Yukio Ninagawa is a master sculptor of stage space and for his new Hamlet (hisSarah Hemming

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    Poliuto, Glyndebourne, East Sussex, UK — review

    It is not only on the television news that religious issues predominate. For its new productions this year Glyndebourne hasRichard Fairman

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    Spain’s ruling party suffers heavy regional losses

    Spain’s ruling Popular party suffered heavy losses in Sunday’s string of regional and local elections, as two upstartTobias Buck in Madrid

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    Polish voters oust their president in run-off

    Poland voted to oust its president on Sunday, according to exit polls, backing the opposition candidate in a pivotalHenry Foy and Zosia Wasik

  7. 3 hours ago

    Carter blames Iraqi forces for Ramadi fall

    The US defence secretary has blamed Iraqi forces for the loss of the city of Ramadi this month as calls grow for the WhiteSam Fleming in Washington

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