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    Petrobras shares rise as company prepares to end results delay

    Investor optimism is rising that Brazil’s embattled state-owned oil company Petrobras will emerge from a cripplingJoe Leahy and Samantha Pearson in São Paulo 

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    Solving UK’s productivity puzzle is key to government finances

    Britain’s advanced economy and comfortable living standards have been built on productivity growth. Ever since theChris Giles, Economics Editor

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    Malaysian telecoms group looks at London IPO

    A Malaysian telecoms group has begun work on a potential flotation in London to further plans to build the first land-basedDaniel Thomas, Telecoms Correspondent

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    Qualcomm: chips off the block

    For a mature tech company, the trick of the trade is to choose what to exit, and when. Qualcomm, founded 30 years ago, has

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    Greek default necessary but Grexit is not

    Until last week, discussions with Greece did not go well. That changed when the circus of international financial diplomacyWolfgang Münchau

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    Marathon data show gender patterns in runners’ performance

    On Monday 20 April the Boston Marathon takes place, with tens of thousands of entrants expected to cross the finish line.John Burn-Murdoch and Gavin Jackson

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    Sport England and Nike take different tacks to get women active

    There is more than a whiff of paternalism about two big campaigns on both sides of the Atlantic to encourage more women intoEmily Cadman

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    Boutique banks: small is beautiful

    Big times for the small guys. The first quarter of 2015 was a good one for US boutique investment banks. Their names are

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    Towry to launch online services

    The chief executive of Towry, the acquisitive wealth manager and financial planner, says the group is close to launchingHarriet Agnew, City Correspondent

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    Cameron warns Labour-SNP government would be ‘very frightening’

    David Cameron has stepped up his rhetoric against the Scottish National party, warning that a Labour government propped upJim Pickard and Mure Dickie

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