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    Sony Pictures sheds no light on hacking

    Sony Pictures Entertainment is still scrambling to restore its computer systems, five days after hackers claimed to haveKana Inagaki in Tokyo

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    More UK employers trying to dump pension schemes

    The number of companies attempting to dump expensive staff pensions they no longer want to pay for is on the rise, accordingJosephine Cumbo, Pensions Correspondent

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    European Commission warns France over budget

    The European Commission has warned France that it could still face possible fines unless it implements further reforms andPeter Spiegel in Brussels

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    Video gallery: Scenes of Black Friday mayhem

    Queues at Asda in north London on Black Friday dissolved into scenes of mayhem and scrums as consumers scrambled to winKadhim Shubber

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    China teacher strikes hit three more cities

    Teacher strikes have spread to three more cities in China’s slowest growing province this week, reflecting increasingTom Mitchell in Beijing

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    Louis Dreyfus appoints Mayo Schmidt as new chief executive

    Louis Dreyfus Commodities, one of the world’s largest agricultural trading houses, has appointed Mayo Schmidt as its newNeil Hume

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    Pope faces testing trip to Turkey

    When Pope Francis begins a high profile trip to Turkey on Friday, the contrast with his host will be hard to miss. TheDaniel Dombey in Istanbul and Giulia Segreti in Rome

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    Grading the Federal Reserve’s readability

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, the Federal Reserve didn’t have time to write a short statement, so it wrote a long one. A recentTracy Alloway in New York

  6. FT Alphaville



    I see currency wars

    The first rule of currency wars is: you always talk about currency wars. The second rule is: you can always find one to talkDavid Keohane

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    Tesco stores bear brunt of UK Black Friday chaos

    var samOptions = {"embedIdgtvhftUgdomainhttpsembed.samdesk.ioheight450"}; Video gallery of Black Friday mayhem at Asda inKadhim Shubber, John Aglionby and Claer Barrett

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