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    Fifa officials arrested on US corruption charges

    US authorities are planning to announce criminal charges against several current and former Fifa executives tied toKara Scannell and Matthew Garrahan in New York and Malcolm Moore in London

  2. NEW


    IMF gives RMB the OK, Fifa arrests, Hello Fishy

    China's currency has received a vote of confidence from the International Monetary Fund, which declared that it was 'noAmie Tsang

  3. FT Alphaville



    FirstFT (the new 6am Cut)

    You can sign up to receive the email here. China’s currency has received a vote of confidence from the InternationalAmie Tsang

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    Turkey’s election will put Erdogan to the test

    Turkey’s future is at stake in the general election on June 7. There is little doubt the ruling Justice and DevelopmentDavid Gardner

  2. Andrew Smithers



    Sterling, productivity and central bankers

    Unemployment cannot fall much more in Japan, the UK and the US without inflation rising. The actual growth of gross domesticAndrew Smithers

  3. NEW


    US set to miss own emissions goals, study says

    President Barack Obama’s landmark moves to curb climate change will not do enough to meet the US’s own emissions targets,Barney Jopson in Washington

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    Backstop against euro-dollar parity break

    The big picture for the euro remains one of weakness, despite the more double-edged risk dimensions the single currency hasJens Nordvig

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    Wall St fall puts Asian winning streaks at risk

    Wednesday 04.15 BST. Multi-day winning streaks for Chinese and Japanese markets were in jeopardy following a 1 per centPeter Wells in Hong Kong

  6. NEW


    Australian gold miner buying up assets

    The slowdown in Australia's resources sector isn't negative for everyone, according to Jake Klein, executive chairman of4m 53secs

  7. NEW


    Asia casinos spread bets amid China graft crackdown

    Asian casino investors are divided over the regional impact of the Chinese corruption crackdown, with some hoping to pick upBen Bland in Macau

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