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    Welfare-to-work provider A4E up for sale

    A4E, the welfare-to-work provider founded by a former adviser to David Cameron, has been put up for sale just weeks afterGill Plimmer

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    Historical analogies can only go so far — Putin is no Hitler

    Sir, Wolfgang Munchau (“By playing it safe for now, Europe puts its future at risk”, March 2) is right, certainly with

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    Hurdle rate should apply to hedge fund industry as it does in private equity

    Sir, Sir John Ritblat makes a good point regarding hedge fund fees (Letters, March 2). Hedge fund managers should only be

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    Even if bound, ECB can achieve price stability

    Sir, Olivier Garnier is right to highlight the constraints on bond purchases in the ECB’s QE programme, but he reaches the

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    All for the sake of a good argument

    Sir, Sam Leith, in his review of How To Win Every Argument: The Use And Abuse of Logic by Madsen Pirie, contends that

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    How much longer will we keep up with technology?

    Sir, Disproving the assertions of Marx, Ricardo, Keynes and Leontief, Walter Isaacson is correct in pointing out humanity’s

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    Stretching credulity over Iran’s nuclear capacity

    Sir, Given Iran’s past record of cheating and unwillingness to open its country to UN inspectors, and given the failures of

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    Buffett strategy will mean others pay more tax

    Sir, Warren Buffett’s efficient operation of Berkshire Hathaway is worthy of respect. However, his support for higher

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    For us, Gatwick is the Neighbour from Hell

    Sir, Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick airport, is correct when he says trust is at the heart of the airport expansion debate

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    Trust is a commodity Gatwick airport has forfeited

    Sir, I entirely support Stewart Wingate’s suggestion that trust should be at the heart of the debate over airport expansion

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