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    Accountancy: the new buzz

    Twenty-five years ago, when I was at college, accountants and anthropologists seemed to be members of different social andGillian Tett

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    Dominique Ansel: life after cronuts

    Dominique Ansel: life after cronuts Waiting is part of the Dominique Ansel business. Ever since the French-born pastry chefShannon Bond

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    China and the rosewood carve-up

    Thamarong Somsak had a job in a printing business but he always felt the pull of the outdoors. He’d grown up around theMichael Peel

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    Bank of England considers fines for accountancy firms

    The Bank of England can fine accountancy firms for failing in their duties and auditors will have to provide written annualCaroline Binham, Financial Regulation Correspondent

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    Interview: Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo

    In a rare moment of winter sun, I’m waiting to enter Paris’s city hall, a renaissance-style hulk modelled after the greatAdam Thomson

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    Ayahuasca: a psychedelic murder story

    ...is made by boiling together two rain forest plants, one a leaf and the other vine. Its active psychedelic ingredient is N, N-Demethyltryptamine, or DMT, illegal when synthesised but not in its naturally occurring state. “It’s...John Paul Rathbone

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    How to make people listen

    There’s an undying story about Britain that goes like this: in 1940, uncomplaining Brits saved the world from Hitler. ThenSimon Kuper

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    The classy way to react as a banker at bonus time

    This is the season in which many investment banks hand out their bonus letters, each having waited to see what the othersDaniel Davies

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    Brompton looks to F1 in pursuit of electric folding bicycle

    Brompton Bicycle is hoping to broaden the appeal of cycling by developing an electric version of its folding bike — aimed atTanya Powley, Manufacturing Correspondent

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    China’s renminbi falls to 28-month low

    China’s renminbi has touched a 28-month low against the US dollar, the latest slide reflecting central bank activity andPatrick McGee in Hong Kong and Michael Hunter in London

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