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    A case of more market competition not less

    The theory that markets are a force for good relies on consumers who behave in their own best interests — shopping around

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    China’s stock slump pits the party against punters

    “Rainbows always appear after rains,” wrote the People’s Daily newspaper this week to reassure Chinese stock market

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    A nuclear deal will not banish the Middle East’s demons

    The final deadline is almost upon us for the US and five other powers to reach a deal with Iran to constrain its nuclearDavid Gardner

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    Ajit Singh, economist who examined business world, 1940-2015

    Ajit Singh, who has died aged 66, aided the world’s understanding of industrial enterprises, financial markets and economicBy Abhijit Sen

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    Currencies dominated by risk aversion

    Commodity currencies, the euro and sterling experienced hefty selling pressure on Tuesday as the market was hit by a tripleRoger Blitz

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    Alcoa: metal ceremony

    Alcoa shares have declined by a third since February. And things could have been worse, had it not made the changes it did.

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    Market intervention: uneasy easing

    The worst possible outcome of official China’s effort to support the country’s stock markets would be success. Failure — the

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    Checklist for George Osborne’s first purely Conservative Budget

    This is George Osborne’s seventh Budget, but the first purely Conservative Budget for 19 years. Although dark clouds areChris Giles

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    Axel Springer says majority owner will retain control if ProSieben talks succeed

    Axel Springer, Europe’s biggest news publisher by circulation, insisted that its majority owner would not relinquish controlJeevan Vasagar in Berlin

  7. FT Photo Diary



    Court call

    Novak Djokovic celebrates a break of serve against Kevin Anderson during day Seven of the Wimbledon Championships at the AllJamie Han

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