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    US billionaires uncommonly good at beating campaign money rules

    Double-speak is usually associated with totalitarian states, but few countries could match the suppleness of languageRichard McGregor in Washington

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    The invisible global army hot on the trail of trolls

    From a sunlit room in a small village in Devon, a 65-year-old woman is watching you. Patrolling the internet, she admonishes

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    UK court to hear Gaddafi rendition claims

    A case turning on “very grave allegations” against the UK government and its alleged complicity in rendition and tortureCaroline Binham, Legal Correspondent

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    Volkswagen beats analyst expectations for profits

    Volkswagen comfortably beat analysts’ profit expectations in the third quarter, easing investor concerns that the group’sChris Bryant in Frankfurt

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    Bad loans surge at China’s biggest banks

    Bad loans at China’s biggest banks rose at the fastest pace in at least seven years during the third quarter as a slowingGabriel Wildau in Shanghai

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    US economy grows 3.5% in third quarter

    After years of mediocre growth in the wake of the Great Recession the US economy has finally found some vigour, expanding atRobin Harding in Washington

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    A new tone from the Fed

    After a hawkish policy statement from the US Federal Reserve, Delphine Strauss, currencies correspondent, asks Michael6m 36secs

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    US midterms 2014: what to expect

    FT Washington bureau chief Richard McGregor looks at the 2014 US midterm elections and how they will affect President3m 41secs

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    Russian officials walk out of Ukraine gas dispute talks

    Russian negotiators walked out of talks aimed at ending a months-long dispute over gas deliveries to Ukraine in the earlyJack Farchy in Moscow, Chirstian Oliver in Brussels and Roman Olearchyk in Kiev

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    Political uncertainty worries Zambia investors

    When Michael Sata won Zambia’s elections three years ago, the country’s currency slumped to a one-year low against theAndrew England – Johannesburg

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