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    BT Openreach: new line-up

    Unbundling was once trendy in telecoms regulation. Incumbent operators were told to give competitors access their networks,

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    Stress tests for banks are a predictable act of public theatre

    When the US government announced in 2009 that it was launching stress tests for the country’s largest banks, it seemed likeGillian Tett

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    US airlines demand action against hidden ‘aid’ for Gulf carriers

    American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines stepped up demands on Thursday for the US to take action againstRobert Wright in New York

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    Cameron and Miliband should go head-to-head

    David Cameron’s declaration that he will not hold a head-to-head television debate with Ed Miliband during the general

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    Good news at last from the eurozone economy

    For some time, meetings of the European Central Bank’s governing council have been dominated by a steady stream of

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    Vertex climbs on drug approval hopes

    Vertex Pharmaceuticals led an advance by US biotechnology companies, buoyed by analyst commentary that one of its lead drugEric Platt and Mamta Badkar in New York

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    TV taps data to stem stream of ad dollars to smaller screens

    Media groups are stepping up their efforts to make television advertising work more like data-driven digital campaigns, inShannon Bond in New York

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    Lonmin shares at two-decade low on pay worries

    ...Nephew could be a target for Johnson & Johnson, which had been widely rumoured to be the lead Pharmacyclics bidder. S&N rose 0.4 per cent to £11.47. Betfair rose 17.9 per cent to a record high of £21.05 after the bookmaker beat third...Bryce Elder

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    Afren founder puts faith in Chinese capital

    Ethelbert Cooper, the Liberian entrepreneur who founded Afren, believes the future of the struggling African energy groupWilliam Wallis in London

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    With perfect timing, ECB’s Draghi calls end to eurozone crisis

    Mario Draghi’s timing looks impeccable. Only six weeks after pushing through quantitative easing in the face of fierceClaire Jones in Nicosia

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