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    Blackstone joins race for GE lending unit

    Blackstone, Apollo and Ares are among at least five groups expected to make an offer to acquire General Electric’s $16bnJames Fontanella-Khan and Henny Sender in New York

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    Standard Chartered to stop advising on Australian mining project

    Standard Chartered’s chairman has said that the bank will stop work as financial adviser on a vast coal mine in AustraliaMartin Arnold, Banking Editor

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    Advisory firm attacks Dimon’s cash bonus

    Shareholders at JPMorgan Chase should vote against Jamie Dimon’s pay package because the board awarded him a “largeTom Braithwaite in New York and Michael Stothard in Paris

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    Jorge Montepeque, architect of oil-pricing system, to leave Platts

    The architect of the system that underpins oil pricing around the world has announced he is leaving Platts after a shake upNeil Hume and David Sheppard

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    Vestas: making new fans

    In the UK, next to announcing a rave in your garden, nothing gets the neighbours on the phone quicker than proposing a wind

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    Inflation expectations spur bond sell-off

    So much for risk-free assets. In 12 days owners of German benchmark bonds have seen the plummeting price wipe out more thanJames Mackintosh

  4. Gideon Rachman



    Greece on the brink

    Greece is said to be about to run out of money and yet there's no sign of a deal with its creditors. Gideon Rachman is13m 24secs

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    BofA says it is not ‘too big to manage’

    Bank of America put up a defence of its structure at its annual meeting on Wednesday, countering charges from a shareholderBen McLannahan in New York

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    Portsmouth FC’s former owner loses fight against extradition

    Vladimir Antonov, the former owner of Portsmouth football club, has failed in a High Court appeal against his extradition toJane Croft

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    Fracking: The energy revolution that shook the world

    To hunting, shooting and fishing, a rugged Oklahoman named Mark Crismon has added one more hobby: seismography. Festooned onBarney Jopson

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