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    Slow ratcheting up of pressure most effective way to change Fifa

    It is a common problem for western countries: how to oust a corrupt regime. Now the west is targeting Fifa, football’sSimon Kuper

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    A crowded market, but promising

    As 2014 draws to a close, here’s three ideas to think about. One is high-risk, another medium, and the last is more of aDavid Stevenson

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    Nigel Farage to target ‘dozens of seats’ in general election

    Sustained by a couple of pints of bitter at his victory party in the Tap’n’Tin nightclub and “42 minutes sleep”, Nigel Farage emerged to declare that the UK Independence party was now ready to target...Elizabeth Rigby, Deputy Political Editor

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    HK stock connect: baby steps

    Buy the rumour, sell the fact. This week, Hong Kong and Shanghai’s long awaited Stock Connect scheme opened for business.

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    Salamander set to recommend Ophir offer

    Directors of Salamander Energy are poised to recommend an all-share offer from Ophir Energy that values the southeast AsianMichael Kavanagh

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    Boardroom trades November 22

    Punch Taverns’ prospects appeared to be improving, having suffered heavy blows during last month’s market jitters when itsMichael Tindale, Directorsdeals.com

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    Is a pop-up shop easy to set up?

    I am thinking of opening a pop-up shop in a nearby town centre to sell Christmas decorations. How easy is it to take over a

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    Aviva in talks to buy Friends Life

    Aviva is in secret talks to buy rival FTSE 100 life insurer Friends Life in a £5.6bn acquisition that would transform the UKNeil Hume, Alistair Gray and Arash Massoudi

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    High spirits and hangovers after MPs change ‘beer ties’

    MPs this week voted to allow pub tenants to buy beer on the open market, in a move billed as a victory for the small localKadhim Shubber

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    More exhibitions including Richard Serra and Berlinde de Bruyckere

    Richard Serra, Gagosian Gallery, London Four sculptures weighing 230 tonnes: spectacle and theatre but also formal pleasuresJackie Wullschlager

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