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    Week Ahead: Big banks face moody blues but try to stay upbeat

    The mood music from Wall Street banks has been fairly depressed for the past few weeks. Few are expecting a disastrousTom Braithwaite

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    Investors expect trimming of US growth data

    Even as Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen said she expected the US economy to strengthen, investors expectMamta Badkar in New York

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    Banks betray investors as well as financial sector

    Sir, Michael Mackenzie is judicious to put dysfunctional cultural norms centre stage of the latest chilling episode of

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    Does crime pay?

    Sir, Martin Arnold sketches how banks brazenly fixed forex and other markets to fleece their clients over five years

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    Innovation and scale fuel growth in Big Pharma

    Sir, Andrew Ward’s analysis (“GlaxoSmithKline: Out of step”, May 12) is balanced and spot on. The current strategy to rely

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    The cashless society is hundreds of years away

    Sir, You report that total cash transactions by consumers and businesses last year fell below 50 per cent for the first time

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    Tough consequences of the pretence on Greece

    Sir, With Greece on the brink of default (News, May 23), it is time to look for a solution and avoid a Lehman-like financial

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    European business always suffers from uncertainties

    Sir, There is much talk about the promised EU referendum causing business uncertainty (The Big Read, May 21). When has

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    Referendum debate needs fair and clear voices

    Sir, I am sure I am not alone in thinking the article by Gérard Errera (Comment, May 19) the epitome of clarity, fairness

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    Displays of empathy help defuse a reputational crisis

    Sir, Your opinion piece on Thomas Cook (Lombard, May 21) was spot on. With the public outrage continuing, with Mumsnet

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