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    Homer truths in high places: plant-hunting on Mount Olympus

    When middle-aged men start climbing mountains, the symptoms are usually clear. They have not been made chief executive,Robin Lane Fox

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    Welsh marquetry experts add modern touch to an ancient technique

    Apologies if I was a little random: I had just been looking at a large – and expensive – marquetry panel that had beenBy Jonathan Foyle

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    St Kitts and Nevis: Caribbean rivals target high-end home buyers

    If you’re here, you’re not all there,” runs the joke on the sleepy Caribbean island of Nevis, the smaller and more glamorousTeresa Levonian Cole

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    Design classic: the Sarpaneva Casserole

    Finnish designer Timo Sarpaneva (1926-2006) considered himself to be an artist more than an industrial designer, and nowhereBy Caroline Kamp

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    A place in history: five English medieval houses for sale

    Woodmancote Place, Brighton Road, Woodmancote, West Sussex, UK, £7.95m Where Woodmancote Place is one mile southeast ofAlexander Gilmour

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    Buying off-piste: Swiss ski village of Andermatt goes upmarket

    In the late 19th century Andermatt was one of the most chic of all Switzerland’s mountain resorts visited by, among others,Ruth Bloomfield

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    Which nation has the best car designers? And a moan about menus

    I have had quite a few correspondents agree with me that the modern Rolls-Royce and Bentley have somehow lost their previousDavid Tang

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    Migrants’ no-man’s land in the Med

    Mohanad Luthon was in good spirits when he called his uncle on the evening of September 7, a day into the crossing fromTom Burgis in London, Lobna Monieb in Cairo and James Politi in Rome

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    RealPage rejects near-$2bn offer from Vista

    RealPage, which sells property management software for landlords, has received a takeover offer from buyout group VistaEd Hammond in New York

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    ‘The Book of Strange New Things’, by Michel Faber

    Michel Faber is no stranger to strange places. His best-known work, The Crimson Petal and The White (2002), is set in aReview by Alexander Gilmour

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