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    South American Mercosur bloc and EU move closer to trade deal

    Mercosur and the EU appear set to exchange formal offers on tariffs by the end of the year, raising hopes that the SouthJoe Leahy in São Paulo

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    Danish court rules unions can strike against Ryanair

    Ryanair is facing one of the biggest challenges to its low-cost model after the Irish airline lost a court case that couldRichard Milne, Nordic Correspondent

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    Cleaning Centre Court

    A cleaner works on Centre Court ahead of play on day three at Wimbledon on Wednesday in London, England Jamie Han

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    Saudi prince Alwaleed pledges to donate entire $32bn fortune

    Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud has pledged to donate his entire $32bn fortune to charity in the comingSimeon Kerr in Dubai

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    John Lewis to charge for click and collect orders under £30

    John Lewis has become the first department store chain to charge customers in the UK for picking up online orders in itsAndrea Felsted, Senior Retail Correspondent

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    Pharma groups eye healthy returns from animal drugs market

    A treatment for dogs with itchy skin has turned out to be something of a tonic for investors. Apoquel launched last year andAndrew Ward, Pharmaceuticals Correspondent

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    Asciano: ships of good hope

    Canada-listed asset manager Brookfield says it has made an offer for Australian commodity transporter Asciano. The price is

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    S&P 500: at what price growth?

    The S&P 500 had the wind at its back from the end of 2011 until the end of last year. This year, the air has gone eerily

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    The debt relief carrot dangles before Greece’s Alexis Tsipras

    Just when you think Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s prime minister, can’t spring any more surprises, he does it again. AfterMartin Sandbu

  7. FT Photo Diary



    School walk

    An elementary school student walks past next to a rice paddy field in Kazo, north of Tokyo on Wednesday Jamie Han

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