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    Overseas spending by Chinese tourists nears $500bn

    Investors in search of an emerging consumer story need look no further than the remarkable growth in the scale and spendingMatthew Plowright

  2. FT Photo Diary



    Brintha Sukumaran arrives in Cilacap

    Brintha Sukumaran (C), a sister of Australian death row prisoner Myuran Sukumaran’s screams as she arrives at Wijaya PuraAnnabel Cook

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    Personal data: time to argue about money, not privacy

    ...customers, or be netted against any other monies they paid in. The value of what is owed to any one individual would be 1/N where N is the size of the customer base used. At each point in history where power has shifted towards the individual from a...Julie Meyer

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    Philips restructuring efforts trigger 27% fall in profits

    Philips suffered a 27 per cent drop in pre-tax profit as restructuring charges bit in the wake of turnround efforts at theDuncan Robinson

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    Nepal earthquake: Relief effort begins in Gorkha district

    Tirtha Bahadur Thapa — a former Gurkha soldier who served with the British army in Hong Kong, the UK and Brunei — leapt outVictor Mallet in Gorkha, Nepal

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    Free Lunch: Vote tallies and seat counts

    First-past-the-post arithmetics The advantage of the UK electoral system in a two-party world is exactly the same as itsMartin Sandbu

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    UK farmers plough on in search of better productivity

    Julian Gibbons huddles over satellite images of the wheat and barley fields that extend as far as the eye can see from theScheherazade Daneshkhu, Consumer Industries Editor

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    General election: IFS attacks parties’ pension proposals

    Plans for curbs on pension tax relief drawn up by both main political parties in the UK have been lambasted by anVanessa Houlder

  6. FT Photo Diary



    Relief in Nepal

    A girl stands in a queue to fill her container with water near the makeshift shelters after Saturday’s earthquake inChris Batson

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    Central banks choose Pythonesque approach as new tool

    As Michael Palin pointed out in Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch, “our chief weapon is surprise”. That sentimentRoger Blitz

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